Fethiye Times’ weekly feature of Fethiye news.

Did we say ‘Here Comes the Summer’ last week?

Maybe we were tempting fate last week when we said ‘it looks like summer is finally going to arrive…’

The week started off well with lovely sun and the temperatures around the seasonal norm.

But, as the week progressed the humidity increased and coupled with the thermometer hitting 41 degrees centigrade it was a sweaty few days.

On Friday thick cloud engulfed the skies and rain fell. In some parts of Fethiye hail fell.

The forecast for the week ahead is……..well we will let you make up your own mind.

idea their week 21 June 2015

Suspected Dealers Arrested

Eight people were arrested by the local security forces last week on suspicion of drug dealing.

The Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch of the Police made the arrests and seized cannabis and pills

Three of the eight were later released.

Harvest Disaster

The main highway between Fethiye and Antalya was closed for a short time last week when a tractor towing a trailer laden with wheat shed its load.

Sex Holiday Business Busted

Police arrested a number of foreign women last week suspected of being involved in an on-line sex holiday business.

Villas were rented and used to entertain holiday makers with more than just sun, sand and sightseeing on their to do list.

The local press reported that Police plan to deport the women back to their respective countries.

Beach Cleaning Continues

Last week one of the most littered beaches was cleaned by a group of local hotel volunteers.

The beach on the Oyuktepe peninsula (pictured above in our featured image and below) is a wonderful spot but it’s easy access by road means it’s also a popular picnic spot.

oyuktepe beachs

And picnics mean litter.

This large pile of litter was collected from the location and taken to the waste recycling area.

litter bin waste rubbish

Warning to Travellers

The local press featured the story of a young South Korean woman who had travelled to Fethiye last week after being victim of pick pockets.

The 28 year old woman from Seoul had her purse pick-pocketed at the central bus station in Ankara losing over 800 Euro in cash whilst she was waiting for the coach to Fethiye.

She was pictured in Fethiye reading out a letter that she had written to her friends warning them to be careful when they come to visit later this year.

Luckily she had kept her credit cards separately to her cash so is able to continue her journey.

The woman stayed in a local hotel before continuing her travels to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Turkish Lira

The Turkish currency continued to lose value to major currencies last week as the lack of a clear election agreement between the parties cared uncertainty for investors.

The Lira hit a new low of 4.32 TL to the British pound during the week before settling at 4.28 TL at the close of business on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 23 pence.

turkish lira we 19 june 2015