Fethiye Times’ weekly feature of Fethiye news.

Here Comes the Summer

The weather remained unsettled last week with frequent thunderstorms passing over some of the popular resorts.

However, it looks like summer is finally going to arrive this week.

The forecast shows wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high thirties.

Weather 12 June 2015

If you have been waiting for the good weather before now booking your trip to Turkey news the time.

Turtle Death Mystery

The local and national press all featured the image of a turtle that had washed up on Calis Beach.

The Turtle had a length of cord tied around its neck and tied at the other end a block paving brick as used in pavements.

The mystery surrounding the dead turtle washed up on Calis Beach
The mystery surrounding the dead turtle washed up on Calis Beach

Accusations of who would do such a cruel act then circulated social media and other sites.

Mayor Leads Bike Procession

Fethiye mayor Behçet Saatçi led a procession of over 50 cyclists to mark Environment week.

The Mayor used the event to promote cycling as a healthy and efficient way of travel in and around the town and to promote the towns cycle lanes.

The cycle lanes enable cyclists to get right into the city centre with ease and park for free.

With large parts of the Fethiye on flat land cycling is easy and requires less cycling effort to get around.

And Litter Clean Too

On Saturday the Mayor continued with the Environment week activities by donning gloves and clearing the litter with municipality employees. See them in our headline photo.

Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatçı, works alongside municipality employees collecting rubbish
Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatçı, works alongside municipality employees collecting rubbish

Gocek Celebrates Yörük Heritage

The 13th Yörük festival took place in Gocek last week.

For many hundreds of years, at the beginning of every summer, the southwestern town of Fethiye’s yörük population, used to make the long trek from the hot coastal plains to summer in the cool pastures and grassy highlands of the western Toros Mountains.


Fethiye's yörüks

But in the space of a single generation, the vast majority has now settled: living and working in the town and only visiting their ancestral highland areas for a picnic or family holiday.

The annual festival is also a colourful and musical display of Yörük culture and reminders of how the nomadic way of life was.

You can read more in the first of our series of articles Yoruk Heart Keeping Nomad Heritage Alive

There was a concert in Kayaköy on June 11th highlighting Western Anatolian folk music – everything from singing to üçtelli, bağlama and sipsi (whistle) all closely linked to Yörük culture.

Emre Davıoğlu, Mehmet Günay Eser at the Kayaköy Traditional Anatolian Music concert
Emre Davıoğlu, Mehmet Günay Eser at the Kayaköy Traditional Anatolian Music concert

Travel Advice Refresh for Turkey

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) updated its travel advice to Turkey last week.

In the update they specifically warned British Citizens to steer clear the border area with Syria. The FCO advise against all but essential travel to:

– the remaining areas of Sirnak, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis and Hatay provinces

– Siirt, Tunceli and Hakkari provinces.

Map travel advice

Whilst those in the know will understand that these areas are hundreds of miles from Fethiye and other popular resorts in western and southern Turkey some of the British press cannot resist the opportunity to deter visitors.

The Express ran an alarmist story on Saturday ‘SHOCK WARNING: Terror threat to MILLIONS of holidaymakers as ISIS target TURKEY’. In the claimed exclusive they said ‘MILLIONS of sunseekers visiting Turkey are at serious risk of being attacked by terrorists hungry for British blood.’

Over 2,500,000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. Most visits are trouble-free.

If you want to know more about the official FCO advice visit their FCO website

You can also read our article here UK FCO confirms travel advice for Turkey.

Exports Down – Tomato Glut

The press reported that the decline in the export market such as Russia has hit the price that the 8,000 farmers in Mügla can obtain for their tomatoes.

The price of tomatoes hit rock bottom last week. Shoppers at the local Fethiye market could buy locally grown tomatoes for as little as 50 kurus a Kilo – just 14 pence.
The price of tomatoes about to hit rock bottom

To protect the farmers they were offered 1.5 TL per kilo for this harvest to be sent to the paste factory.

However, experts are warning that the next harvest could see prices as low as 30 Kuruş per kilo.

Turkish Lira

The election result on Monday saw a readjustment of the value of the Turkish Lira on the world currency markets.

To the British Pound it started trading at 4.05 TL but then shot to 4.28 TL.

Turkish lira exchange w e 12 June 2015
Turkish lira exchange w e 12 June 2015

It ended the week at 4.22 TL. A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.