Fethiye Times' weekly feature of Fethiye news.

Election Fever

Fethiye and the whole of Turkey was in the grip of election fever last week as candidates and their supporters made their last efforts to attract voters for their party.

Turkey has banned opinion polls 10 days before an election so the press had to make do with interviews of candidates and reports of the various rallies around town to keep the columns full.

Turkish General Election this Sunday

The election was held on Sunday and by the time you read this the result will probably be known.

Sensitive Singer

A rock concert that was held on Karaot Beach last week claimed it was turtle friendly.

The packed gig used low level lighting that it claimed would avoid disturbing the turtles that come to the beach at this time of the year to lay their eggs.

The performer Haluk Levent and his rock band were reported to have not only entertained the audience but also spread the word about turtles too.

Truck Crush

A 51 year old man died last week when he was crushed by the wheels of the vehicle he was working with.

The local press reported that a truck used to water plants along the central reservation of the main Seydikemer highway set off last Tuesday as it did every work day.

At around 9:30 the driver of the truck stopped by the road side and left to attend to another duty nearby.

His co worker took the opportunity to take a quick nap under the truck in the shade.

The driver returned to the truck some time later, started it up and pulled away but then stopped suddenly when he felt a strange bump.

He got out of the truck to discover the crushed remains of his co worker.

The police are now investigating.

Benefit Helps Injured Dog

A benefit event held Seydikemer helped to raised cash for an injured dog.

The money was used to fit a prosthetic leg to Sadie.

The local village headman thanked the fund raisers for their efforts and for helping the injured animal.

Turkish Lira

It was another bumpy week for the Turkish Lira as the general election caused uncertainty with some investors.

The British Pound bought 4.16 TL for a short while on Thursday before settling to 4.06 TL by the end of the week.

A spike in the value of the Lira last week as election jitters hit the markets
A spike in the value of the Lira last week as election jitters hit the markets

The election result on Monday should see more activity as the markets adjust to the news.