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No Goodbye to Rain

The last week in May saw the weather still changeable with cloud and rain in some places towards the end of the week.

The weather forecast doesn't look like things will settle down soon either.

The meteorological service warned of thunderstorms on Sunday and later in the week.

Weather forecast we 31 May 2015

So remember to pack an umbrella in case you are caught in a downpour.

Smoking Ban Enforced

Turkey introduced a smoking ban indoors in public spaces and workplaces on 19th May 2009.

The full ban extended when the indoor public smoking ban to include bars, restaurants, village coffeehouses and hookah bars took place on 19th July 2009.

Last week the press announced that in the Muğla region 33,000 compliance visits had taken place over the last year.

Of those 291 premises received sanctions for breaking the law.

Speaking to the press the Muğla Director of Public Health said that Turkey still ranks third out of European countries and seventh in the world for the consumption of tobacco.

Smoking ban

He reminded readers that help is available for those who want to give up with stop smoking clinics in all of the major towns in the province including Fethiye.

He was quoted as saying those clinics had already helped 29,000 citizens to kick the habit.

He also reminded citizens that if they see people smoking indoors in public and workplaces they should call the local police or Jandarma who will investigate.

Meeting Held to Introduce New E-resident System in Fethiye

On Thursday the Interior Ministry held a meeting for foreign nationals living in and around the area to introduce the new e-residential system.

Turkish foreign residence permit
Turkish foreign residence permit

The new system has been introduced by the General Directorate of Migration Administration – see more about this in our article Turkish Foreign Residence Permits Application Goes Electronic.

The local press reported that the meeting was well attended.

Fethiye Times attended the meeting and will report on the detail of the meeting soon.

Coastguard Turtle Rescue

Loggerhead turtles are now returning the Calis Beach, Fethiye in time for the annual mating and egg laying.

Fethiye Coastguard were called to rescue one unlucky Loggerhead Turtle that became trapped in fishing nets.

They cut the nets that had become entangled in its flippers.

Turkish Lira

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 4.07 TL to the British Pound.

Turkish lira we 31 May 2015