Fethiye Times' weekly round up of selected local Fethiye news and events.

Goodbye Rain…We Hope

Last week was unsettled with weather systems battling it out over the area.

Thunderstorms built in the mountains and then moved towards the sea creating a couple of big deluges from Monday to Wednesday.

Weather in May 2015 after the storm had cleared
Weather in May 2015 after the storm had cleared

Temperatures dropped to the low 20s too.

However, by the Thursday the skies cleared and by Friday the temperatures were heading back up the thermometer to seasonal norms.

The weather forecast for next week looks fine, sunny and warm with temperatures set to hit the low 30s.

Damaged Ship Anchors in Fethiye Bay

The Turkish merchant ship the Tuna arrived in Fethiye harbour on Tuesday afternoon – see leading picture.

Course of Tuna ship to fethiye
Course of Tuna ship to fethiye

The ship had been damaged and member of its crew killed following an armed attack on the ship as it approached a Lybian port to unload its cargo.

The body of the deceased crew member was brought ashore in Fethiye by the local coastguard team in the afternoon.

The local press were invited on board to survey the damage and a local Fethiye paper showed their reporter standing by one areas of the ship that sustained damage from the attack.

Hoarders House Cleared Following Complaints from Neighbours

A property in the Foça neighbourhood of Fethiye was the subject of a council led cleaning operation last week following complaints from neighbours about the accumulation of rubbish, smells emanating from it and presence of vermin.

The 87 year old occupant had been hoarding everything he could.

It took the team 5 hours and 10 truck loads to clean the traditional single storey property and outhouses of garbage.

Chipper Slipper Flippers

It was Mothering Sunday in Turkey a week last Sunday.

Fifteen women aged between 20 years old and 60 years old attended a unique event at the Fethiye Cultural Centre – a slipper throwing competition.

But this wasn't some kind of test of strength but one of accuracy, self reflection and health.

The slippers had to be thrown and aimed at targets placed 5 meters forward.

The targets consisted of mannequins wearing sashes bearing the name of bad habits or behaviours and points.

A hit on the smoking target gained 10 points

One on the alcohol target got a bigger 20 points.

But the most points were awarded for the target wearing the domestic violence sash which gained 30 points.

The winner of the event scored 200 points and was awarded 5 pairs of slippers for her efforts.

So if you get hit by a slipper whilst enjoying a drink in one of the many seaside bars in the area you will know why. You are worth 20 points!

No End to the Big Spring Clean

We seem to have featured community cleaning of the local beaches and countryside almost every week so far this Spring.

Last week the cleaning continued with prisoners and volunteers helping to clean away litter from the road side between Letoonia Hotel and Buyuksamanlik bay on the Oyuktepe Peninsula.

The local press reported that they managed to fill a truck with the litter they had collected along the 2km stretch of road.

Hit and Run Driver Caught

A 41 year old woman died when she was in collision with a car on Sunday afternoon in Karachula, Fethiye.

The driver of the car fled the scene triggering a hunt for the car and driver.

By Monday night the local security services arrested a 21 year old man after sifting through public CCTV images.

The local press reported that they found a car matching the description hidden away at a property in Çamköy, Fethiye.

The car had been covered with tomato boxes in an attempt to camouflage it.

However, upon investigation it was found that the damage to the car was consistent with the collision on Sunday and it was removed for forensic tests.

The girlfriend of the man who was also travelling in the car at the time of the incident was also questioned by Police.

Turkish Residence Pemit Application Process Goes Electronic

The passport police closed their doors to new applications on Thursday in preparation for the opening of the new e-application system that starts on Monday.

Turkish foreign residence permit
Turkish foreign residence permit

More details can be found in our article Turkish Foreign Residence Permits Application Goes Electronic

Dramatic Week for the Turkish Lira

The Turkish Lira had another bumpy week of highs and lows.

At one point on Tuesday the British Pound bought 4.22 TL on the wholesale markets.

Turkish lira week ended 17 May 2015
Turkish lira week ended 17 May 2015

However, as the week progressed it strengthened and dropped ending the week at just 4.05 TL.

Busy Week of Events

The arrival of the better weather on Thursday was also timely for a couple of great events that took place.

The Fethiye music festival began on Thursday afternoon with a procession of floats and an opening concert.

On Friday it was the turn of the Taste of Fethiye who held a craft and food event in Kaya village near the ruins of the old Greek village.

See our articles later this week for a full round up of the events.

Fethiye Music Festival 2015
Fethiye Music Festival 2015
Taste of Fethiye event 2015 banner
Taste of Fethiye event May 2015 stall