Fethiye Times’ weekly feature of Fethiye News.

Best Friend Buried

A Belgian couple who live in Fethiye featured in the local press last week when they created a grave for their dog who died after 14 years living with them.

The couple, who live in the Babataş neighbourhood of Fethiye, said a dog turned up at their door on a rainy day 14 years ago.

They soon got to know her, adopted and named her Snowy.

They spent a happy time together but she died of old age recently.

The couple have buried Snowy in their garden and set up a grave to remember her.

Fethiye Traffic Safety Week

There was no Green Cross Man or Tufty on show last week for traffic safety week.

Instead it was the local Police who visited some local schools to educate kids on road safety.

Some of the kids were even able to try out being a traffic cop for a short time too.

Dressed as Police officers complete with bright tabards they stopped drivers to ask them to slow down and think about safety when passing their school.

A Wonderful Start to May

After a chilly start the week soon warmed up with temperatures reachin 30 degrees centigrade on the thermometer.

The last of the snows on the northern peak of The Babadag mountain melted too.

Babadag mountain. The last of the snows melted this week.
Babadag mountain. The last of the snows melted this week only to return again on Sunday.

However, on Sunday a big thunderstorm engulfed the area returning snow to Babadag and washing away the yellow pollen and dust of the week.

The week ahead looks like it will be unsettled too with thunder and heavy rain forecast to move over the area.

The heaviest rain is forecast to fall in the inland mountain areas but coastal areas may get a sprinkling or deluge depending on the movement of cloud and rain.

Temperatures look set to fall back to the low 20s too.

Spring Cleaning Continues

The big spring clean continued last week when over 100 people took part in an event to clean over 3 km of roadside from Kidrak to Oludeniz.

It was reported that two trucks were filled with trash during the 1 hour event.

According to Fethiye Council officials 90 percent of the trash was sent for recycling as it consisted of cans, plastics and other items that can be reused or recycled.

Electioneering Gets off to Loud Start

The Turkish General election will take place on Sunday 7 June.

The battle busses, campaigning vans, election offices and bunting are going up and around all over town.

Here’s one we spotted last week music blaring driving around town.

Election van for the 2015 Turkish General election in Fethiye
Election van for the 2015 Turkish General election in Fethiye

Location of Fethiye Cruise Harbour Announced

A delegation of officials visited Fethiye last week to view the sites earmarked to be developed for a new deep water cruise liner port.

The delegation including government officials and experts have recommended the area near to the current highways offices (the Karayolları for those of you that know it) on the promenade as the most suitable location for the new deep water jetty.

The site on Koça Çalış beach was rejected.

The choice, it was reported, was based purely on technical and academic work completed.

Bidders will be invited to tender for the construction of the jetty in due course.

The creation of a new deep water jetty will attract some of the largest cruise liners that visit the Mediterranean.

Those liners currently visit Marmaris and Rhodes in large numbers.

Very few cruise liners currently visit Fethiye because they cannot go along side and have to transfer passengers by tender.

Lira Slips Again

The UK General Elction result on Friday added another boost to the strength of the British Pound.

The Turkish lira slipped down to 4.17 To the British Pound by the close of business on Friday.

This meant a Turkish Lira was worth 24 Pence.


The efforts of a man who placed a hidden camera in a clock in his bedroom after being burgled a number of times bore fruit when a burglar was recorded in the act.

The case reached court last week and the video evidence helped to convict the burglar who was sentenced to 25 months in prison.

Bootleg Booze Factory Busted

A counterfeit alcohol operation hidden in a lemon cologne factory was raided by the local security forces on Friday night.

Two men were arrested and a large volume of liquid suspected to be fake alcohol to be sold for human consumption was seized.

The local press reported that hundreds of bottles complete with fake Turkish tax seals were also found at the site in Karachula, Fethiye.

Watch What You Drink

In 2011 A group of 20 Russian tourists on a boat trip were seriously poisoned by bootleg alcohol served on an yacht near the resort of Bodrum.

Three of the party died later from the effects.


In 2012 local Environmental Health Officers working with the Coast Guard boat from Göcek, carried out inspections of the kitchens and bars on day boats whilst they were out with tourists.

As well as checking for breaches of food hygiene regulations they were also looking for bootleg alcohol – and they found 11 different kinds.