Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local Fethiye News.

Turkish Lira Breaches 4TL level

It was an historic week for the Turkish Lira last week when it breached the 4 TL to the British Pound level.

turkish lira 4tl graph
Turkish Lira breached the 4TL mark last week against the British Pound


A Turkish Lira was worth 25 pence.

We wrote about it when it breached the limit on Wednesday and it generated a staggering 1k ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

The Lira ended the week at 4.00 TL.

Tourism Week

Last week was the 39th tourism week in Fethiye with various activities organised to promote, preserve and celebrate one of the biggest sectors of the local economy.

The event was formally opened on Wednesday at an event held on the Kordon near the municipal marina.

Exhibition of Local Handicrafts

The Cultural Centre hosted a handicrafts exhibition on Friday.

Cultural Centre Sign

The event was also used an an opportunity for tourism leaders who attended to speak with the press about the week of events and tourism specifically.

Calis Beach Cleaned

As part of the tourism week activities a group of students from the Fethiye tourism and hospitality college collected a bag and grabbed garbage off Calis Beach last Friday.

Calis Beach is one of the Fethiye area’s most popular beaches but suffers a build up of litter during the winter months.

Calis Beach Fethiye - Home to Tourism and Turtle nests
Calis Beach Fethiye – Home to Tourism and Turtle nests

The 40 students combed the beach and filled over 20 bags with all the things that shouldn’t be on the beach, ready for the 2015 tourism season.

Another Calis beach clean took place on Sunday April 19th when the children from Calis Kids Club were joined by the children from Gunlukbasi and surrounding areas.

Calis Beach should now be one of the cleanest around.

More Spring Cleaning

Continuing on the cleaning subject key local business and environmental leaders met last week to scope possible projects to clean up and keep Fethiye Bay clean.

The sun sets over Fethiye Bay on a May evening after the rain has moved on
The sun sets over Fethiye Bay on a May evening after the rain has moved on

The local press were invited to the event and reported the debate.

Many of the sources of pollution were identified by the group and ideas raised.

But now it’s time to turn debate into action and the group plan to meet again soon to develop projects to clean up the bay.

Cash Crop

Fungi continued to feature in the local press last week after the successful Yeşilüzümlü mushroom festival closed a week last Sunday.

The press foraged a story all about a growing mushroom business based in Seydikemer.

BAsket with morel mushrooms in it
The valuable Morel mushroom

The business is exporting locally grown mushrooms.

They buy the mushrooms from local collectors, clean, pack and then put into cold storage until it’s time to export.

The mushrooms appear to be a good earner with the press reporting that certain mushrooms can fetch up to 50 Euro a kilo in some European countries.

And of course it’s the Morels that are the prize export.

The business expects to export around 2 tonnes of mushrooms this year.