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Blackout Blues

It's the stuff of fiction novels, action films and conspiracy stories and last week the unthinkable happened, at least in modern times, when the majority of Turkey ground to a halt as power was cut to around half the country including Fethiye.

The cut started at around 10:30 on Tuesday and continued until power was restored in the evening.

In the cities the metros stopped, lifts stranded and traffic lights went out causing traffic chaos.

Turkey's energy minister told the national press that this was the worst power outage for 15 years.

Initial theories of a terrorist attack on the network, which coincided with a terrorist incident in Istanbul, were quickly quashed when technical reasons for the cut were announced.

In Fethiye many local businesses including supermarkets and public services including hospitals continued as normal as they switched to their emergency generators.

The mobile phone networks powered by backup batteries and generators kept people on-line too.

But with traffic lights down around town, water pumps off, power cut to restaurants, homes and the industrial estate it was a day of confusion, downtime, gossip and conspiracy theories.

During the 30 March 2014 local elections a power failure in the capital city of Ankara and several other cities during the counting of votes was thought by many to be election fraud. But that conspiracy theory was soon put to bed when the energy minister put the blame on a cat walking into a transformer unit.

Current Affairs

The body of a man who fell from a bridge into a river near Mersin in February was found off the coast of Fethiye last week.

Fishermen spotted an object floating in the water investigated and then called the coastguard.

The badly decomposed body was then brought ashore at Gemiler Bay and then taken to Muğla for forensic testing.

The man was reported to have fallen into the river on 11th February, some 500km away, and, unable to swim out of danger due to the surging current, was washed out to sea.

A search and rescue operation could not find his body.

Prisoners Clean Up

The coastline and countryside of South West Turkey are beautiful but the human impact of rubbish can be seen everywhere.

The scenery of south west Turkey is breath-taking and Mother Nature certainly spent considerable time to create the right mix of colours and features that are so pleasant on the eye.

The mix of the turquoise sea, lush green of the pine trees and the stark imposing back drop of the mountains takes the breath away – a real wow factor.

Litter can kill sea turtles

So why is it that so many people are just left thinking it’s just rubbish?

It’s because once you take your focus away from the wonderful back drop the closer picture is a different sight.

Rubbish, garbage, litter, waste; it doesn’t matter what you call it but it’s everywhere.

From the seashore and the beaches, along the highways and byways, in every picnic site and beauty spot, along rivers and streams discarded plastic bottles, paper, tins, cans, bottles and plastic bags pollute the environment.

Even the beautiful public bays around Fethiye can be littered with waste.

Well last week the Fethiye Governor got tough on rubbish.

He deployed 25 prisoners, under supervision, to clean up some of the bay's around Fethiye.

New signs have also been erected to encourage citizens not to pollute the environment too.

According to local reports the prisoners filled a truck with the litter they collected.

Further prisoner clean up days are planned on 20 April, 10 May and 6 June.

The Governor also took the opportunity to explain to the local press the impacts of discarded waste to wildlife, the environment and on tourism.

Two Wheeled Fire Fighters

With the Forest Fire season only a few weeks away the Fethiye branch of the Forestry Commission took the opportunity to show off their latest fire fighting weapon in their large arsenal of equipment that includes huge four wheeled fire trucks, planes and helicopters.

Innovation on two wheels
Innovation on two wheels

Called the Chipmunk, or maybe the Squirrel depending on our translation skills, it's a bright red Kawasaki scrambler bike.

They have taken four stock bikes and pimped them so they can carry out rapid response firefighting duties.

They have added a pump, hose, water container that can hold 20 l water to each, and finally, have painted them regulation red.

It's hoped that the bikes and riders will be able to patrol high risk areas and acting as first responders will able to tackle small fires before they turn into big fires.

A great innovation and we wish them well.

Fethiye City Petition Hits New High

A campaign spearheaded by the Fethiye Mayor to grant city status to the Turkish Mediterranean town of Fethiye reached another level last week when it was announced 110,000 signatures had now been collected for the petition.

Fethiye- Fethiye?nin il olmas? ici  n imza kampanyası başlatıldı11
The petition now has over 100,000 signatures


The Mayor Behçet Saatcı is also backed by 38 NGO’s in his campaign ‘Fethiye il olsun’ – ‘Let Fethiye become a city’.

Signatures were gathered on street corners, coffee shops, work places and door to door.

The new signatures have now been sent to the authorities in Ankara adding to the 60,000 signatures submitted in March.

The Mayor also requested a meeting with the prime minister to put forward the case for City Status.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.83 Turkish Lira by the close of business on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was therefore worth 26 Pence.

Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers
Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

Race for Life Sunday 12th April – It’s not too late!

For those wishing to participate, there are still opportunities to register for the race.

Registration is available online www.yasamicinyaris.org and wristbands are available at 5TL each from:

3C’s shop, ÇalışAnimal Aid shop, GünlükbaşıFIG shop, PatlangıçMulberry Tree Café, Fethiye

Children's race event on 11th April at 2pm.

Optional cartoon character costumes, free entry.

Registrations will be taken in the Fethiye Culture centre square on that day 11-5

Hagi, Dilek Dinçer FETAV, Musician and singer Adem Kazan, Muhtar of central Fethiye, Fafet Tuna, Can Küçükakdere
Hagi, Dilek Dinçer FETAV, Musician and singer Adem Kazan, Muhtar of central Fethiye, Fafet Tuna, Can Küçükakdere