Fethiye Times ‘ weekly round up of the Fethiye and area news.

Police Firearm Skills Tested

The Police invited the local press to their firing range near Karaçhula last week to publicise officer firearms training.

Around 350 officers attended the week long event and apparently some of them were good shots.

Pregnant Woman Crushed to Death by Truck

A twenty three year old woman who was six months pregnant was killed last week when the scooter she was travelling on as a pillion was in collision with a concrete mixer as a busy junction in Fethiye at 5pm.

Video taken by a traffic camera at the Esnaf Hospital junction show the large truck emerging from the junction with the riderless scooter pushed on the front of the vehicle.

The truck then stopped and the driver left the cab to witness the awful aftermath.

The emergency services were quickly on the scene.

Police arrested the truck driver.

The funeral of the woman and her unborn child took place the next day.

Protected Status Sought for Unique Reed Flute

Visitors to Fethiye Tuesday market will no doubt have heard the first bars of the popular tune to “happy birthday” waft through the air as they peruse the wares on sale.

Some may also have seen the flutes and been tempted to take one home as a momento or gift.

Known in Turkey as a Sipsi the flutes are made using reeds that are grown around the Burdur area of Turkey.


The Sipsi has been a feature of folk music in the local area and produces a unique sound for woodwind instruments according to a master Sipsi manufacturer from Burdur.

Now the local chamber of commerce is seeking a Turkish Protected Geographical Status similar to those issued by the European Union to limit the manufacture of this little instrument to a specific area.

So next time you are at Fethiye Market and you hear the familiar first bar of Happy Birthday wafting through the air pop over and take a look at this unique little flute.

It’s a little bit of Turkey worth taking home.

Controversy over Right to Operate Lucrative Gocek Bay Restuarants

A tendering process by the Forestry Commission to seek bidders to operate some of the lucrative Gocek Bay restaurants and mini marinas has been put on hold following a court injunction requested by Muğla Council.

The first tender was awarded last week to a local Dalaman businessman for a 29 year lease of the Akbük and Taşyaka bays with his 1.9 Million Turkish Lira bid.

But the courts have now put that on hold with the issue of an injunction.

Locals including the current restaurant operators of the lucrative bay restaurants are unhappy that the privatisation of Akbük, Taşyaka, Küçük Sarsala and Göbün Bays, as they say, would lead to rapid development and the spoiling of these popular locations.

They held protests outside the Commissions offices in Dalaman and on the road to Dalaman Airport.

Muğla Council then waded in and applied to the courts for an injunction to stop the process saying that the tender is in violation of the law.

But with so much money at stake the dispute over who is going to operate these so called honey pots could take some time to reach its conclusion.

Mushroom Season

The Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom festival is now only a few weeks away.

But if you feel the need for a bit of fungi culinary delight before then you can always forage down at one of Fethiyes many markets.

Last week the coveted Morel mushrooms were on sale for the princely sum of 80TL a Kilo.

Morel mushroom festival üzümlü

Not a bad price if you have ever tried to forage for these elusive taste sensations in the wild.

Read more about the Uzumlu Yeşilüzümlü: home of the marvellous morel mushroom festival here.

Sad News

Do you remember a few weeks ago we wrote about World Bike Girl, aka Ishbel Taromsari? She is an intrepid 35 year old adventurer attempting to cycle around the world.

She first came to the attention of Fethiye Times when she arrived in Fethiye with a new companion she had met on the way, a street dog called Lucy.


We got to know Ishbel and wrote about her plans and also about Lucy, the stray that befriended her along the first part of her Turkish journey.

After veterinary treatment for Lucy in Fethiye and a rest the intrepid duo set off, with the addition of a bike trailer to carry Lucy, towards the east of Turkey.


Last week we heard the sad news that Lucy, who was just out of the quarantine period to enable her to go to the UK, died on 26th March.

Linked article – Ishbel and Lucy: an incredible Turkish journey

Race for Life

Don’t forget its the Fethiye Race for Life in onlyt a few weeks time.

Find out more about how to take part or support in this unique event in our article Fethiye’s Race for Life – Turkey gains momentum

Turkish Lira

The British Pound bought 3.88 Turkish Lira by the close of business last week.

A Turkish Lira is therefore worth 26 pence.