Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of selected news from Fethiye and the area.

Fethiye City Campaign Goes Large

A campaign spearheaded by the Fethiye Mayor to grant city status to the Turkish Mediterranean town of Fethiye went up a gear last week when a new publicity campaign hit the streets.

The Mayor Behçet Saatcı who has been backed by 38 NGO’s in his campaign Fethiye il olsun’ – ‘Let Fethiye become a city’, erected large posters on the entrances to and from Fethiye last week.

The large blue posters say ‘Welcome to the City of Fethiye – population 340,000’ and ‘Goodbye from the City of Fethiye’.

In addition a car sticker campaign also took to the roads.

The ’82 F 2015′ stickers take the form of what the new vehicle number plates would look like if Fethiye does become a city with 82 being the new indicator replacing the current 48.

The publicity campaign supports a 60,000 signature petition calling for Fethiye to become a city that was sent to The Turkish capital Ankara in early March.

If the petition is successful the area from Dalaman through to Kaş and beyond would be included in the Fethiye city province.

And Then……

Late on Saturday night Jandarma under the orders of the area Governor removed the Fethiye City posters from all the bill boards around the town.

The press showed images of the huge boards and of an abandoned cherry picker that had been used the morning after.

It was reported that the Governor had ordered the removal of the posters as they were illegal and for no other reason.

The images on the signs now show the local resorts of Oludeniz and Calis instead.

Collision Leaves 1 Dead and 3 Injured

A collision on the Fethiye – Kalkan road on Wednesday left a 52 year old man dead and three injured including a child.

The local press said the fire service had to cut people from the wreckage.

Spring Clean

A group of students from a Fethiye school took to the Oyuktepe hill last week to spruce up the war memorial.

The memorial is words set out in white stones on the hill that were laid some six years ago.

It seems that nature was starting to take over and hiding the words from view.

So they cleared brush and repainted some the stones restoring it to its former glory.

With the battle for Gallipoli centenary just a few weeks away the students hope their work will help to remind citizens of those who gave their lives in conflicts for Turkey.

Goats Rescued

Members of the local mountain rescue team AKUT were called out last week to help rescue goats that had become stranded.

The five goats were stranded on a cliff some 50 metres up.

The shepherd had tried to coax them down but when he failed he turned to the experts AKUT.

It took the rescuers some two days to bring all the goats to safety.

The shepherd thanked the team for all their efforts and for saving his livelihood.

Warships Open To Public

Exhibitions and other events to commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli war are now underway.

In the Fethiye last week four visiting ships welcomed the public. The TCG Doğan, TCG Yıldız, TCG Karayel gunboats and the frigate TCG Gemlik.

Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 3.85 to the British Pound recovering some of its value from the week before when the currency was hovering around the 3.98 TL mark.

Headline Photograph

Thanks to Gareth Patten for this week’s headline photo.

Fethiye view - Gareth Patten