Fethiye Times' weekly roundup up of selected local news.

Bad Week For The Turkish Lira

We start this week's Fethiye Times with a subject we usually end with: the Turkish Lira and how much it is worth.

The Turkish Lira headed deep into uncharted territory last week when its value plummeted against many international currencies including the British Pound.

Friday saw the the Lira perilously close to the 4 TL point hitting 3.98 TL then dropping to 3.91 TL before ending at 3.95 TL.

The Turkish currency has declined some 15% since January when the Pound bought 3.46 TL.

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Teetering on the brink of 4TL to 1GBP


The international press has blamed political intervention in central bank matters and other economic news as some of the reasons for the decline in its value.

All we know is that the man and woman on the street are going to feel it in their pockets as the price of fuel, utilities and other imported goods rise even further.

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Fethiye Welcomes Cycle Race

A four day cycling event organised by the Turkish Cycling Federation held in Fethiye last week drew a large field of competitors from all over Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

Fethiye Bike ride

The local press loved the event with reporters covering every angle and every turn of the close field of competitors.

Unfortunately, though, in one race the competitors took a wrong turn when they were returning to Fethiye and the police had to be despatched to redirect them.

The Big Kaya Debate

The world famous Kayakoy village could see its name change if a local referendum is successful.

The referendum is due to be held at the end of the month with the choice between the current “Kayaköy” and a new one “Kayı”.


Braille Course

The local news featured the Fethiye District Mufti, which is teaching the Quran to the visually impaired using Braille.


The regular weekly course has just one participant at the moment but it is hoped that with the help of publicity, more people will learn about the course and join in.

The course will teach participants how to read Braille as well as the holy book.

And Finally…..the Weather

The week needed with a glimmer of hope that the winter may soon be over.

An area of warm air that moved over the region along with the strengthening sunshine increased temperatures to the low-to-mid 20's and even higher in some areas.


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