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Fethiye Commemorates Namesake

Fethiye commemorated the 101 anniversary of the death of its namesake aviator Fethi Bey who died in 1914 when his plane crashed.

Images of the event can be seen below in our gallery.


Friday Night Storm Causes Flooding

The week ended with a severe thunderstorm on Friday night that rumbled on through until Saturday morning.

The torrential rain that accompanied the storm caused flooding in some areas of Fethiye.

The meteorology service was quoted in the local press as saying that 30kg of rain had called in the three hours.

Mash for Cash

It was announced last week that over 1 million tonnes of potatoes are now harvested in Muğla each year.

Fethiye Market potato stall
Fethiye Market potato stall


World Bike Girl Reaches Mersin

World Bike Girl, aka Ishbel Taromsari, is an intrepid 35 year old adventurer attempting to cycle around the world.

Ishbel and Lucy in Çalış - World Bike Girl

She first came to the attention of Fethiye Times when she arrived in Fethiye with a new companion she had met on the way, Lucy a large dog.

We got to know Ishbel and wrote about her plans and also about Lucy the stray that befriended her along the first part of her Turkish journey.

After veterinary treatment for Lucy and a rest the intrepid duo set off, with the addition of a bike trailer to carry Lucy, towards the east of Turkey.

Lucy contacted Fethiye Times via social media on Saturday to say she was now in the Mersin region having made good progress despite the winter weather and the 25 stone of kit and canine to pull along.

Ishbel and Lucy in Çalış - World Bike Girl

Well done #WorldBikeGirl.

You can read the Fethiye Times story about Ishbel and Lucy here in our article Ishbel and Lucy: an incredible Turkish journey.

Campaign Underway for Fethiye to Become a City

Fethiye’s Municipality wants to raise the status of Fethiye from a town to a city.

With the population rapidly growing each year the once small town is now the largest in the county of Muğla.

Fethiye- Fethiye?nin il olmas? ici  n imza kampanyası başlatıldı15

A campaign led by Fethiye mayor is now in full swing and supported by 38 local organisations.

The campaign hit the streets last week with petition stations set up all over town to collect signatures from locals and also expats.

Supporters can also be seen all around town wearing the campaign clothing of a white T-shirt and baseball cap with the words ‘Let Fethiye become a city’ emblazon on them.

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Fishing Competition Well Attended

A fishing competition held on the shores of the D-Marin marina last week was well attended despite the wet weather.

The heaviest fish landed was, according to local reports, 1.2 kg and the longest 46 cm.

Turkish Money

It was a turbulent week for the Turkish Lira following the reduction of interest rates and other market forces.

The British Pound could buy 3.89 Turkish Lira at one point on the 27th February 2015 nudging close to the 4 Turkish Lira to the Pound bar.

The currency ended slightly down at 3.87 by the close of business on Friday.

One of the best tourist rates available at the weekend was 3.73 Turkish Lira to the Pound.

Animal Aid Need Your Help

Local animal charity Animal Aid are seeking the support of visitors this season.

If you are coming over to Fethiye and its resorts this year they would love it if you could bring a little something to donate to their shop so they can raise more funds.

More details of how to donate can be found on the Animal Aid website here.



  1. Could you please proof read before publishing? If the dog was 25 stone it would be size of a Sumo wrestler.
    Plus why was there no advance publicity on the Fethiye Times of the 101st year anniversary event in Fethiye? If it wasn’t worth pre-publicising it is probably not worth reporting on. People who don’t live in Fethiye have to rely on sites like this to find out what is going on

    • Dear Janet, thank you for your comments. Lucy the dog, the trailer and all the equipment we are told by the cyclist herself, Ishbel, weighs a total of 25 stone. We suggest you look at her own website and write to her if you doubt the accuracy of this detail. We keep in touch with her regularly and are delighted by her amazing progress and will let everyone know when she arrives in Hatay.
      We cannot comment on your second point as we too only found out about the event shortly before it happened. However, we note what you say and have made a note in the FT diary to remind you next year on the 102nd anniversary of his death. We regret that on this occasion it was too late for you to attend but hope that we will have the opportunity to publicize future events in good time. Finally, we are happy to note that you, like many others, use FT to learn about what is happening here in Fethiye and, as always, we will continue to do our best to keep everyone up to speed on what’s happening.

  2. Before poor old Fethi Bey ends up surrounded in a conspiracy theory worthy of Flight MH370 ! I’m sure you meant to say “that during a record breaking attempt to fly from Istanbul to Cairo in 1914. Captain Fethi Bey of the Turkish Navy and his Observer Sadik Bey crashed their plane (rather than it was shot down !) over the Golan Heights near the Sea of Galilee”.

    And for the serious anoraks amongst us … It was surely a great acheivement to get as far as they did. In just over a week (rather interrpted by various civic receptions, each time they landed ) they got from Istanbul to Beirut and then proceeded on to Damascus before crashing and killing themselves on the next leg

    Bearing in mind how seriously underpowered their BleriotX1 monoplane was, that they got that far was brilliant and alledgely engine and propellor were still okay after their accident (and fared better than the aviators) whose fate was sealed by a lack of strength in the upper bracing of the wing.

    Of note … the next two to attempt the route got to Jaffa on March 10th but crashed with fatal results on take off there … however, Salim Bey and Kemal Bey a further Two Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines completed the expedition landing in Alexandria in May 1914