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Spring Arrives … and Goes, Leaving a Soggy Feeling

Last week the feel good story was about the few days of warm weather Fethiye experienced.

Whilst Europe and other parts of Turkey were in the grips of snow and ice Fethiye was enjoying, so the local press report said, temperatures of 23 degrees centigrade.

The poetic license continued with the press reporting that Almond trees were now in blossom in Ölüdeniz and that this much earlier than in previous years.

The report left readers on a high note saying that next week would be warm and sunny with temperatures over 20 degrees for most of the week.

However, the rain returned on Sunday with some energetic downpours that continued during the night and was accompanied by lightening and claps of thunder of which Steven Spielberg would have been proud… making people jump out of their skin (and beds) in the small hours…

Up in Ovacik and Hisaronu many awoke on Monday morning to find their gardens covered in what looked like snow but turned out to be a thick layer of hailstones.

Some parts of the area have had a great deal of rain already this winter as this video of Kayaköy shows:

Even those with no Turkish can see how the Kınalı end of the valley is under water.

According to the Turkish State Weather Office, the cloudy weather, along with heavy downpours

and temperatures more than 10 degrees Celsius down on last week, is expected to last until Friday.

Although the UK Met Office thinks the sun will return to Fethiye on Thursday. Let’s see…

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House Fire

It may be warmer during the day but no so at night.

A wood burning room heater in use caused a house fire in the Patlangic area of Fethiye last week.

Fire crews were called to the property when the owner raised the alarm.

The fire was extinguished and no injuries were sustained

Ball and Chain

A wedding ceremony made the headlines last week when the bride and groom were handcuffed together.

But the couple were not suspects in a crime.

The groom was a police officer and his colleagues thought it would be fun to mark the event with a ceremonial arrest and join the two together.

The couple later released to applause by the invited guests.

No charges were brought!

Storm Floods

As well as kayakoy, there were floods in Koycegiz and other settlements around Koycegiz lake when a storm surge and torrential rains brought in by rivers raised the level of the lake.

Winds gusting up to 100km per hour forced the water level to rise too.

The ground water also rose causing many greenhouses and orchards to flood.

The flooding is expected to ruin many crops of tomatoes and farmers are looking to their insurance policies for recompense.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought more Turkish Lira last week as world markets reacted to some political issues that occurred within Turkish.

The British Pound bought 3.77 Turkish Lira by the end of the week.

The week before it bought 3.68 Turkish Lira.