Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Goodbye To a Cold and Wet January

January started with icy arctic like temperatures and strong winds and has ended damp and stormy.

Last week was wet with heavy rain and storms passing over the area.

There was some localised flooding around the county town of Muğla.

Let’s hope February is a better month for weather.

Water Charge Hike Unaffordable

The press reported that local hoteliers are very concerned about the new county-wide hike in water charges introduced by the new Mugla council.

They said that hoteliers in the popular resorts of Fethiye, Maramaris and Bodrum are concerned that the price of water has doubled and yet their income has not.

They say that the rises are unaffordable and point to the fact that in Marmaris alone over 250 hotels owe 4 Million Turkish Lira in Outstanding water bills.

Taste of Fethiye Wins Prestigious Award

The sustainable tourism project, Taste of Fethiye, was one of just four enterprises selected from around the world and nominated for a prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation award.

Last week the Taste of Fethiye team (team members pictured above) was joint 1st Runner Up together with a project from Namibia for the 11th UNWTO annual awards: a celebration of excellence.

You can read the full story in our article United Nations recognition for Taste of Fethiye project.

Bus that Crashed from Fethiye

The local press reported that an intercity coach travelling from Fethiye to Gaziantep left the road near Mersin and landed on its side.

Reports said that 14 of the 50 passengers on board were injured and 1 person died.

The local security services are investigating the cause of the incident.

Gold Diggers Back in News

The local press featured another story about ‘beach treasure hunters’ last week following on from an article they ran a few weeks ago.

It seems the reporter had not satisfied their curiosity over the metal detecting treasure hunters so returned to interview them again.

But it was pretty much the same story as before.

The treasure hunters said they were in search of trinkets and jewellery lost by swimmers washed up by the wild and stormy seas of recent weeks.

Armed with metal detectors the hunters said that their sweeping and digging of popular beaches did not harm the environment.

The hopeful hunters said, again, that pickings were slim.

Somehow we think this story could run on and on……

Phishing Fraud Warning by Police

Fethiye Police hit the streets last week to warn citizens of the growing trend of bank and ATM fraud.

They said that fraudsters had been calling people pretending to be bank officials so that they would disclose their bank details.

The fraudsters would then try to gain access to their victims bank accounts and take the money.

Body washes up on Local Beach

A body was washed up on a beach on the Yarim Adi peninsula last week.

The security services with the help of local fishermen and coroner team recovered the corpse.

It has been sent to Muğla for forensic identification.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bounced back against the Turkish Lira last week ending the week at 3.68 Turkish Lira to the British Pound by the close of trading on Friday.

The week before it bought just 3.53 Turkish Lira.