Fethiye Times’ weekly round of the local news.

I Do, I Don’t

It seemed that love was not in the air for some in 2014 according to figures released by the local census office.

In 2014 some 507 couples were officially divorced, an increase of 84 over the 2013 figures.

But 1,234 couples did find love and married.

The census office maintains separate figures on ‘foreigners’ living in the area and released those figures last week for 2014.

Last year 311 foreigners were married in the Fethiye area, 39 died and 7 foreign women gave birth.

Park Life

The local press reported that Muğla Metropolitan Council has agreed to buy over 2 million plants to make our towns even nicer places to be in 2014.

Planting will also extend to road verges and central reservations.

Help for Local Boxers

A British man, who has settled in Fethiye moving from London, featured in the local press last week as a result of the work he is doing to help develop the local boxing club.

Steve Pegg, a former boxer and now a coach, is helping to develop the club, fighters and facilities.

It was reported that he also looking at organising training camps in the town to encourage foreign fighters to come and create the experience needed for locals to develop further.

Interest Rates Down

The Turkish Central Bank cut interest rates by 0.5 percent last week.

The benchmark rate is now 7.75 percent.

The sharp fall in world oil prices is having a positive impact on inflation in Turkey.

Every $10 per barrel drop in oil prices saves Turkey around $4 billion annually in energy imports

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.53 Turkish Lira by the end of the week.