Fethiye Times' weekly round of the local news.

Weather Wows and Woes

The weather continued to feature in the local headlines in the earlier part of last week.

Saklikent Gorge in Full Flow

A video of Saklikent George showed wild and noisy torrents of water rushing by the entrance to the popular natural tourist attraction.

For those that know the entrance to the attraction the waters were almost up to the steel walkway by the entrance that takes visitors into the canyon.

This is a vast difference to the tranquil trickle that tourists traipse over during the tourist season.

Local Farm Lands Flooded

The rains and melt waters that swelled the rivers spilled out into low lying farm land in the Xanthos valley as the river struggled to cope with the volume of water.

Some properties and businesses were flooded in the village of Karachay as a result.

The local authority voiced fears that if the flood water continued to rise some bridges and road crossings could be affected.

Storm Hunters

Treasure hunters in search of their fortunes hit the beaches last week to try and find trinkets and jewellery washed up by the wild and stormy seas of recent weeks.

Armed with metal detectors the hunters have been sweeping popular beaches on the look out for valuables they think may have been lost by the thousands of tourists that visit local beaches each year.

The local press interviewed some of the hopeful hunters who said pickings were slim. Well they would wouldn't they.

Tourist Numbers Up

The flood waters were not the only thing to have been on the up last week.

Official figures for tourist visits to Muğla were released.

The number of tourists travelling to the popular holiday destinations of Maramaris, Bodrum, Fethiye and Oludeniz were up by 2% compared with the year before.

Of the 3.3 million tourists almost half were British with Russian tourists coming in second.

Over 2.6 million of those tourists arrived at Dalaman or Bodrum International Airports.

Cash for Culture on the Up Too

The director of museums for the area announced figures for the 2014 season last week too.

He said that they had collected over 6 million Turkish Lira from visits to their various fee paying sites.

He also took the opportunity to tell the local press about plans for 2015 including promotion of their wonderful and interesting sites at tourism fairs in Europe and Russia.

Hotel Fire

An apartment hotel located in Ovacik was damaged by fire last week when a fire broke out in the roof.

The fire service were called and it took over an hour to extinguish the fire.

The local security forces have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Turkish Money

The British Pound lost value on the international money markets last week.

It bought 3.50 Turkish Lira by the close of business at the end of the week.

The week before it bought 3.60 Turkish Lira.