Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Turkey and Fethiye were gripped by a big winter freeze last week and the news was dominated by weather related news.

Big Freeze for Fethiye

Fethiye and surrounding areas suffered sub-zero temperatures last week as cold air descended over the whole of Turkey bringing with it snow, ice and bitterly cold winds.

Snow fell at higher altitudes and at one stage it blocked the Antalya to Fethiye Road.

The local press reported on the work that Seydikemer Council were doing to keep the main roads open and to keep essential services to citizens available.

The mayor told reporters that the cold weather that affected the whole of Turkey has also brought some disruption to parts of his area including a number of villages which are situated at higher altitudes.

However, he had redeployed all staff to ensure the cold weather would not hinder their work.

Skid Row

An official vehicle transporting seven prisoners from Fethiye overturned near Antalya on Saturday injuring one of the guards.

The icy road conditions are being cited as the reason for the incident.

Tumble Down

A large retaining wall collapsed last week damaging a number of cars that were parked near it in the Taşyaka area of Fethiye.

Heavy rainfall is thought to have caused a heave that pushed the wall over.

Works are now underway to repair the wall and no doubt the damaged vehicles too.

Chimney Fire Fanned by Winds

A chimney fire in a house in Esenköy soon became a major incident when strong winds fanned the flames spreading the fire to a nearby warehouse.

The fire service extinguished the blaze but extensive damage was sustained to both the house and warehouse.

Frost Guards on High Alert

The area's tomato growers were on high alter last week as the plummeting temperatures threatened to ruin their crops of tomatoes and other salad crops growing under glass, or as is more common these days, plastic.

But it was a struggle to keep greenhouses warm using traditional wood burning heaters according to one farmer who was quoted in the press.

It seems the primitive heaters fashioned from old oil drums and connected to a network of chimneys were struggling to keep Jack Frost at bay.

One farmer was quoted as saying he could only raise the temperature of his greenhouse by just 2 degrees using his wood burning system.

So with temperatures dipping to minus 3 degrees the pressure was on to keep those heaters going 24/7.

Cotton Harvest Double Whammy

News of the local cotton harvest was released last week.

Apparently the 2014 harvest suffered from the wet weather and a price decease creating a double whammy for local growers.

Firstly the wet weather during harvest time reduced yields so that total production struggled to reach 15 tonnes.

And as if that was not enough, the price of a kilo of cotton reduced from 1 TL to just 75 kuruş.

However, the local farmers cooperative was undeterred and will continue to grow the fluffy crop in 2015.

Turkish Money

The British pound suffered a dip on the international markets last week helping the Turkish Lira to buy more Sterling.

By the end of the week the British pound bought 3.48 TL. The week before it bought 3.60 TL.