The row of buildings adjacent to Fethiye’s Beşkaza Square are known locally as  the ‘Drunken Buildings’.

Fethiye's drunken buildings smashed

Characterful but flawed

This name is due to their idiosyncratic tilt, due to subsidence rather than because of the popular watering holes, where for many years
residents and tourists have been able to sit and relax, watching the world go by.

Fethiye's drunken buildings smashed

For the past year or so there have been rumours about their demolition and finally this is finally coming to pass for some of the structures.

It’s a sad time for many who knew and loved these buildings.

Crooked charm

However wobbly and crooked they looked, for many, this was part of their charm.

A group of loyal customers could be seen sitting outside Kısmet Bar in the winter sunshine this afternoon,
but the other restaurants and bars were empty and awaiting their fate.

Fethiye's drunken buildings smashed

Meanwhile, the demolition team is noisily hacking away at the back of the buildings, while at the front they are mostly empty and devoid of life.

Fethiye's drunken buildings smashed

Plans for the future

In the coming weeks we hope to be able to tell our readers more about what will be happening.