Alcohol, tobacco, car tax and more all up in New Year Turkish tax increases 2015.

The Turkish Government has announced its 2015 tax charges in the Official Gazette with effect from 1st of January 2015.

It’s the more of the same with drinkers, smokers and motorists bearing the brunt of tax increases.

Turkish Alcohol Prices Up

The tax on alcohol is up between 10% and 25 % and cigarette prices between 3% and 15 %.

The largest minimum fixed tax increase was made on the traditional Turkish tipple of Raki, up 15 %. Gin and vodka followed up within an increase of 12 %, and wine, beer and others up 10 %.

Turkish Vehicle Tax

The cost to tax a motor vehicle is also up.

The tax is based on engine cc and the tax on a typical 1.3L to 1.6L vehicle will increase from 859 TL to 946 TL per annum.

Fines Up

Fees, stamp duty and official fines for traffic and tax offences.

Speeding fines will increase to 189 TL and 392 TL.

The fine for a red light violation will increase to 189 TL from 172 TL.

Drink drivers will be fined 800 TL for a first-time offence and 1,003 TL for a second-time offence.

Turkish Minimum Wage Up Too

The government also announced new minimum wage increases of 5% for all workers.

The net monthly minimum wage was announced at 949 TL for the first half of 2015 and 1,000 TL (282 GBP) for the second half of the year.