Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Rain Turned Central Fethiye into Venice

It had been a warm and pleasant week until Thursday lunchtime when torrential rain accompanied by a thunderstorm of biblical proportions struck Fethiye.

The streets of the central area of Fethiye filled with flood waters and, as one local reporter described it, turned the area into a mini Venice.

Car and scooter drivers ignorant of the damage that flood waters can inflict on their vehicles continued to drive on the flooded streets causing waves and further water ingress into road side shops and property.

According to the local press 95 kg of rain fell – over 3 and a half inches – in the two hours of the storm. 70 kg was reported to have fallen in the first hour alone.

All the available emergency and utility services were brought in to help.

The local press also reported of many mini rescue missions including the rescue of a dog that was stranded by the flood waters.

The flood waters subsided quickly but then shop keepers and property owners were left to clean up, dry out and count the cost of the flood and ask why the flood alleviation infrastructure and equipment that was installed in 2011 including pumps had not done their job.

Some business owners were quoted in the local press stating what they saw were some of the possible reasons why the equipment did not work. However, no official response was quoted.

Torrential rains and thunderstorms hit other areas along the coast too that day with Dalyan, Dalaman and Seydikemer all reporting flash flooding.

Foraging Fall

A 78 year old lady who failed to return home after a mushroom foraging trip on her own was the subject of a search and rescue mission near the town of Seydikemer last Tuesday.

The lady was found some 27 hours later unconscious and bruised after she had fainted, slipped and fallen over.

She was taken to hospital and is expected to make a speedy recovery.

Taxi Drivers Protest New Rules

Over 120 local cabbies descended on the Tuesday market square last week to peacefully protest against new regulations brought in by the regional council.

The new rules will see a change to the licensing requirements.

These include a reduction in the number of passengers that can be legally carried in taxis from 7 to 5, limiting the maximum time a taxi can be off the road to 180 days and limiting the maximum age of a vehicle to 10 years.

Home Care Services Launch in Fethiye

The Health and Social Care Department of the regional council rolled out their new domiciliary care services last week in Fethiye, Seydikemer, Dalyan and Milas.

The care services are being provided in collaboration with health services and other social services and will include doctors, medical officers, nurses and hairdressers all working together to provide care packages.

The services will include not only personal care but also care giver training, personal hygiene as well as the determination of medical and other needs to ensure people can stay at home longer.

Teams are already serving over 755 clients in the Ula and Mentese villages in the county.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.48 Turkish Lira by the close of business on Friday. The week before it bought 3.50 Turkish Lira.