Fethiye Times’ weekly round-up of selected local news.

Goodbye to Leaning Buildings

The local press reported on the demolition of ‘drunken buildings’ last week.

But it wasn’t a story about bars but the demolition of a number of buildings that had subsided on Dispanser Street in the town centre.

Regular visitors to Fethiye will no doubt have noticed some of the 4 and 5 storey blocks do have a pronounced tilt where their foundations have subsided over the years.

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Fethiye in 2012 brought the safety of buildings into question and these blocks were surveyed and condemned by the local authorities.

A total of 11 buildings are to be demolished in the area including some along the famous bar street that faces the new town square.

The work started last week to demolish the first three buildings.

The remaining eight will be demolished over the next three months.

Bus Crash Injures 36

An intercity bus that left Fethiye for Istanbul crashed and over-turned near Afyonkarahisar- Kütahya around 05:30 on Friday morning.

Thirty five passengers and the driver were injured.

Honey, Honey

The 4th international Mugla bee and pine honey congress was held near Fethiye last week.

The event was attended by local dignitaries and hundreds of bee keepers.

The local press reported that 850 people attended to learn, share and develop their knowledge of honey production.

Autumn Delight

The weather last week was simply wonderful with relatively warm temperatures, blue skies and sunshine.

The local press didn’t waste the opportunity to get out their cameras and snap tourists enjoying the local beaches and swimming.

They interviewed a British couple sunbathing near Gocek who were quoted as saying that ‘the locals are very lucky to be living in such a lovely place’.

Gocek Regatta

Meanwhile also in Gocek the 3 day Gocek Regatta started with a record 68 yachts taking part in this year’s event.

Unfortunately, whilst the great weather was good for sunbathing the lack of wind delayed the first race by 3 hours.

Enduro Rides into Town

Sporting endeavours continued into the weekend with the start of the Enduro motorcycle race championships.

Over 100 riders took to their bikes to ride around the purpose built track at Esenkoy near Fethiye, along cross country routes and extreme routes.

The riders also posed for publicity shots at the town square.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.60 Turkish by the close of business on Friday. The week before it bought 3.55 Turkish Lira.



  1. Interesting article regarding the drunken building being demolished in the next three months. I actually own an apartment in that row and have been told nothing.
    Do they plan to demolish them with us in them still?

  2. İ am amazed that the ones at Sağlik Sitesi in Koca Çaliş are still standing. There is a large block totally sitting in a “lake” and leaning at an alarming angle.