Touts Targeted

The authorities say they have curbed the actions of the terrible Touts who target tourists on the streets of local resorts.

One of the biggest complaints of tourists visiting popular Turkish holiday resorts is the intrusive and pressured activities of touts who try to force them into their restaurant, shop or other establishment as they walk down the street.

So it was good to hear last week that an initiative to identify, disrupt and stop such activities has been a great success.

The local press reported that officials acting under cover and wearing body worn hidden cameras to gather evidence took action against over 145 businesses in the Mugla area during the season that were ‘touting’ for business.

In the Fethiye area 25 businesses were subject to penalties including the closure of their businesses for up to three days.

In Marmaris 68 businesses faced sanctions and Bodrum 53.

The authorities believe their actions have disrupted the bad behaviours of touts by hitting businesses in their pockets. That, they believe, has reduced hassle by 80%.

They intend to continue their enforcement actions next season.

Car Fire Suspicious

The Jandarma and Fire Service were called to a picnic site near Esenkoy last Sunday to deal with a car fire.

After dealing with the fire a search found the remains of a male body inside the car.

The incident is being treated as suspicious and two people were subsequently arrested.

The body was sent to Mugla for forensic identification of the body.

Signal Fears

Residents of the Cumhuriyet District of Fethiye gathered in front of a three storey building where a new mobile phone transmitter had been recently installed to demand its removal.

The residents claim the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the base station is bad for their health and cited recent illnesses including headaches, sleep disruption and skin rashes amongst neighbours.

After speaking to the press about their concerns and fears the group broke up peacefully.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.55 Turkish Lira by the end of the week. The week before it bought 3.60 Turkish Lira.

Brits Celebrate Halloween in Fethiye

Friday was Halloween and local animal charity Animal Aid took the opportunity to raise funds for local animals by hosting a party.

The local press turned up find party goers in fancy dress, wearing face paint and looking quite dramatic.

Luckily Rod Freeman was on hand to explain to the curious reporters all about Halloween and the work of Animal Aid.

You can see the full article with pictures in the article Monster Mash Smash Raises Cash for Animal Aid.