Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Thanks to Si Cunneen for this weeks featured picture.

Another Busy Week

The Turkish Coast Guard were in the news last week after they rescued over 50 migrants trying to cross to the Greek Islands from various locations from Cannakale down to Fethiye.

Six of the 50 were rescued by the Coast Guard in Fethiye bay when stormy weather threatened to sink their boat.

The press reported that the Turkish Coast Guard has rescued over 11,000 migrants so far this year.

Seven Brits Injured in Crash

One person died and seven were injured on the Fethiye – Mugla near Koycegiz road on Monday when a van struck a mini bus carrying tourists.

The van driver died at the scene of the incident.

The seven injured were all British tourists and were treated at the Koycegiz Hospital.

The incident closed the main road for an hour.

Those Magnificent Men and Women in their Flying Machines

The 15th Oludeniz Air Games opened on Tuesday with over 500 pilots attending from all over the world to take to the skies above the world famous Oludeniz resort.

Unfortunately some of the pilots didn’t manage to take to the skies as planned with two minor crashes reported in the first few days.

Turkish Stars

Thursday saw the Turkish Airforce aerobatic team the Turkish Stars take to the skies in their supersonic jets to perform a fantastic show over Oludeniz Bay.

Four jets took part in total.

On Saturday, despite early low cloud, they performed another spectacular show over Fethiye Bay.

Fatal Fall

A 49 year old builder died when he fell from a first floor building that he was working on in the Babatas area of Fethiye.

Forest Fires Continue

Storms are thought to have caused a spate of forest fires last week.

Lightning strikes are thought to have ignited fires that were then fanned by strong winds.

The week before fire lookout teams had stood down for the season as risk of fire traditionally reduces at this time.

Not this year, unfortunately.

Strawberry Back in the Headlines

Regular readers may recall the name Strawberry.

Strawberry is a police sniffer dog with a nose for narcotics.

She was called along with two other canine colleagues to search a home in Fethiye last week where Police suspected an organised team of dealers was operating.

Strawberry took officers to the bathroom of the property where over a kilo of cannabis was found hidden in the toilet.

Police arrested 5 suspects at various locations as part of the five month operation.

Court Case Begins

The local press reported that the Fethiye Court sat last week to consider evidence brought by the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) against individuals following the unrest and attack on their election office on Sunday 9th March 2014.

The incident started when the party opened a new election office near Baha Sikman road in the Tasyaka area of Fethiye.

It was reported that a crowd gathered to protest at the opening of the offices as they are a pro-Kurdish political party.

The protest turned to violence when members of the crowd threw rocks through the windows of the office and then attempt to rip down the party emblem from the outside of the building.

The police formed a barricade to hold back the angry crowd and the emblem was eventually removed by the local fire service and the space replaced with a Turkish flag.

The crowd grew in size as word spread and other businesses were also attacked.

A specialist team of police dressed in full riot gear and armed with tear gas complete with a large white water canon vehicle were brought to the scene to disperse the angry crowd.

But more and more people continued to turn up and make shift barricades were built. The crowd continued to grow in size into the evening, split and then reform.

Police continued their work through-out the night and into the morning with a final tally of 28 arrests and over 60 detained.

By the morning shops and other businesses around the area reopened and the Council began the cleanup operation.

The co-chairman of the HDP is reported at the time to have said that the attack on the offices in Fethiye was the 20th such incident to have taken place across Turkey in the lead up to the 2014 elections.

The party are now seeking to prosecute those involved in the attack.

The court adjourned to review evidence.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.60 Turkish Lira by the end of the week. The week before one British Pound bought 3.62 Turkish Lira.