Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Forest Fire Season Ends

Forest fire observation teams posted on mountain tops and other vantage points around the area stood down last week as the forest fire season came to a close.

Sign of the Times

The streets of Fethiye should be a little less cluttered from now on.

Last week law enforcement officials from the council swept the streets of illegal signs.

The signs that had been placed on the pavements and roads by businesses break local laws and were therefore seized

Fines will now be issued to the owners of the signs.

New Domestic Terminal for Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport is to have a new domestic terminal.

Dates for the construction are yet to be released but it was announced that the terminal will cost around 200 million Euros to build, will cover an area of 105 thousand square meters and be able to serve more passengers and aircraft.

Bootleg Booze Seized

A Gocek hotel that was raided by the Police last week contained a bootleg booze production facility according to local reports.

The Police seized fermentation and distillation equipment along with over 100 Litres of bootleg spirits.

An arrest was made and the person was referred to the courts.

Thefts from Boats

Boats moored in the bays near Kayakoy were the victims of theft last week.

Thieves stole five outboard engines from a range of boats including an ice cream seller, water sports boat and a motor on a private boat owned by a British person that the local press said was worth over 100,000 Turkish Lira.

Apparently the thieves were so stealthy that no one saw or heard anything.

The Jandarma are now investigating.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.62 Turkish Lira by the end of the week. The week before one British Pound bought 3.67 Turkish Lira.