Fethiye Times’s weekly roundup of the local news.

Muggers caught

Two thieves who mugged a British couple as they left a restaurant in the Foca neighbourhood of Fethiye were apprehended by the police thanks to a description of a tattoo on one of the arms of the thieves.

The local press reported that Stephen Hoscik and his wife had left the restaurant around 1 am on Thursday evening when they were intercepted by two men who demanded the wallet, phone, rings and other jewellery of the two Brits.

The mugging was reported to the police and descriptions given including the detail of a tattoo on the arms of one of the assailants.

The police then identified that to a man who was on license.

They found him and arrested him in an empty house and recovered the items stolen from the couple.

Brief End to Summer

The summer heat came to an abrupt end last week when thunderstorms arrived in the area.

Heavy rain and thunder accompanied by high winds lashed the area.

Lightning strikes caused a fire to break out in an olive grove in the Gokben area of Fethiye.

Despite the rain fire crews had to intervene to extinguish the fire that damaged 5 hectares of the grove.


It was back to school for thousands of Fethiye school children last week.

The daily routine of minibuses ferrying kids from home to school and back again also started.

The local traffic police took the opportunity to get the new term off to a safe start by checking around 400 of the minibuses.

They checked documentation to ensure insurance and other controls were correct, that seat belts were fitted and being used, that the buses were not over capacity, had functioning lights and more.

The inspections, it was reported, were very well received by the parents of children who use the home to school transport.

Collision tragedy

A collision on the Antalya – Fethiye Road last week left four dead and 20 injured.

The local press described the incident as a ‘massacre on the highway”.

The collision was between a car and a minibus that was carrying workers.

Shotgun Death

A 16 year old boy died last week when a shotgun he was handling was discharged.

The local press reported that the young man, who was also physically handicapped, had been seen handling the firearm by witnesses.

The witnesses then rushed to his assistance when they heard the discharge of the firearm.

The firearm was allegedly unlicensed.


Fethiyespor took to the pitch to play away in the 2nd round of the Ziraat Cup last week.

Unfortunately they lost 1-0 to Derincespor.

Turkish Money

With the Scottish independence vote now a distant memory and the worlds eyes on other issues, the British Pound has bounced back against the world’s currencies.

On 8th September the currency had dipped below the 3.50 Turkish Lira level.

By the end of last week The British Pound bought 3.68 Turkish Lira.