Fethiye Times' weekly round up of the local news.

Motorcyclist Died

It was a bad week for road deaths last week.

In the first incident a 47 year old man died when he fell from his scooter on the main D400 road in the village of Yaniklar.

Local reports said the rider fell from his scooter after ‘zig-zagging and wobbling’ and hit the high kerb when he skidded and lost control.

Witnesses claimed the man had been drinking and the authorities are investigating that.

Pedestrian Tragedy

In the next incident an 83 year old man who was struck by a car whilst crossing the main dual carriageway road in the Karagedik area of Fethiye died.

It was reported that the man had been returning from shopping with his wife for their son’s wedding that was to take place on Saturday when he was struck.

Six Injured in Head on Collision

A head on collision between a mini-van and a car left six injured on Saturday.

The collision occurred on the Fethiye Uzumlu Road and the Fire service had to cut one of the vehicle occupants from the vehicle he was in.

Last Straw

On Saturday a large crowd of residents from Karagedik held a protest calling for better pedestrian safety on the main Fethiye – Mugla D400 dual carriageway that splits their community following the death of the 83 year old man earlier in the week.

The neighbourhood leader gathered with hundreds of residents to call on the authorities help put an end to pedestrian road deaths and build better safety features.

He said the most recent death is the last straw and his community want action.

They blocked the road for 20 minutes in a peaceful protest that was supervised by the police.

He is quoted in the local press as saying that 14 people have so far been killed on this stretch of busy, high speed road that links Fethiye with Mugla and Dalaman Airport.

Near Miss for Kids

Two young boys had a lucky escape last week when a basket ball hoop collapsed at a children’s play park in the Patlangic district of Fethiye.

Both boys were taken to hospital for treatment and one had an injury to his ear that needed 8 stitches.

The large steel structure held up by one single tube appeared to have cleanly snapped just above its concrete base.

The father of one of the boys is calling for all such parks to be inspected for faulty equipment to prevent another incident as this.

Cocktail and Dreams

On a brighter note British medical receptionist Abbie Donegan from Manchester was married to Turkish barman Erkan Kahya last week.

The couple, who first met in the Fez Bar in Hisaronu, were married on Oludeniz beach at sunset.

Then followed a full traditional 3 day and 3 night Turkish wedding ceremony complete with a donkey and camel ride, band and a full wedding party.

The local press seemed fascinated by the whole event and they wrote about how Erkan, when he was working as a barman, had caught her eye by making her a ‘special cocktail’.

Turkish Money

The British Pound managed to bounce back later in the week after a dip in value against the worlds currencies including the Turkish Lira.

The British Pound ended the week at 3.59 Turkish Lira but had dipped as low as 3.50 Turkish Lira earlier in the week.