For the first time ever Fethiye has a website covering the region’s public transport systems. Visit our new website, Fethiye Travel, to find your way around the town and further afield by minibus, taxi, boat taxi or bicycle.

Cycle lane in the town of Fethiye, Turkey Opened 2013 – The first of its kind in Fethiye

Over the past few months the team at FT have been creating a website detailing all the different ways to get around Fethiye. They hope that this will encourage residents to use public transport and leave their cars at home. Over the coming weeks they will also be adding more details for the minibuses as well as taxis, water taxis, Muğla Büyükşehir Belediye buses (MUTTAŞ) and cycle paths.


Eventually the team would like to add the entire public transport system for Muğla, making it the first website of its kind in Turkey. It is important to stress that this still a work in progress but with the help of local managers and the relevant authorities they can see no reason why this should not be a wide-ranging and far-reaching public service information provider for everyone visiting or living in Fethiye.

Holiday to Fethiye Taxi Fares

Efficient minibus service

A system of which to be proud

Fethiye has one of the most comprehensive, inexpensive, user-friendly public transport systems in Turkey and it deserves to be recognised as such. Indeed, many visitors to Fethiye from abroad praise the system, saying they wish there was something similar in their own town or city.

Within the central town of Fethiye itself there has long been an extremely efficient public transport system. But since the local elections in March 2014 the Fethiye region, known locally as Beşkaza, covers places as far afield as Göcek, Yeşilüzümlü, Arpacık (Nif), Ölüdeniz and Kayaköy, and Eşen in the south.

Parking problems

It can very often be frustrating to find somewhere to park, and traffic congestion is a perennial problem, especially during the summer and on market days but once in the town there are some great places to visit.

Paspatur: Fethiye's old town
Paspatur: Fethiye's old town

Earlier this summer Fethiye municipality issued a report on Fethiye’s traffic problems, suggesting that at some time in the future a tram or light railway system would be a solution. But for the time being the existing system is both convenient and accessible.

Gentle on the environment

Although there are car parks and roadside parking, these come at a price, so when visiting to the town centre it makes sense to use public transport whenever possible.

More often than not it is much more economic than using a car and it also helps with the increasing congestion in the town centre.

Fethiye Wetlands1

There are environment benefits too, lessening our carbon footprint on this beautiful, unique yet fragile part of the world.

Finding your way around

All this said, it can be difficult to plan a journey unless you are familiar with the network of minibuses, municipality buses and their routes.

Together with the help of the Cooperative managers the FT team have collected and collated all the routes and timetables for the minibuses and is in the process of uploading these onto the website.

When the winter timetables are available these too will be added, as will the Muğla Büyükşehir bus routes.

Inter-town and village minibuses are run by cooperatives too and they will also be providing the necessary information.

Information for inter-city coaches is already accessible on the various coach company websites.

Obviously, like any public transport system, there may be changes to timetables, routes and prices from time to time and the website comes with this important caveat.

Meanwhile, the website comes with a facility for offering further information, constructive comments and suggestions for improvement.

Visit Fethiye Travel for more information.




  1. Would be alot better and easier if buses actually stop for you when you have a child and a pram. Many of times busses just drive past because I have a pram with me. Very annoying

  2. Hi Lyn
    as a regular visitor to Fethiye we often go off to another part of the coast for a few days.
    the next visit 2018 we plan to go to Kaleucagiz, can we go by Bus?
    do we have to go to Kas and then dolmus to Kale–
    regards Peter.
    always following Fethiye Times

    • Hi Peter

      Thank you for your comment to Fethiye Times. It’s always great to hear from our readers.

      The easiest way to get to Kale-Üçağız is by boat from Kaş.

      If you are planning to go for a few days you can take a dolmuş from Kaş.

      I am in the UK at the moment but once I am back in Fethiye I will find out more details.

      Kind regards