Fethiye Times' weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes Jeep Safari crash company not licensed, battle over Oludeniz beaches, heat wave, Ramadan began and more.

Jeep Safari – Two Dead

The news last week was dominated by the story that a vehicle taking tourists on a popular jeep safari crashed killing two British women and seriously injuring a male passenger.

The news made the headlines in the British press and TV.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a press statement sending their condolences to the families of the two British women who died and stating that the incident would be investigated fully.

By Wednesday reports in the local press were stating that according to the Turkey Travel Agents Association ( Türsab) the Jeep Safari company that operated this excursion was not properly licensed.

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Battle over Beaches

Last weekend the handover of the contract to run main beaches at Oludeniz ran into problems when the sunbeds, shades and facilities of the outgoing contractor were removed leaving visitors with an empty beach and no facilities.

Kumburnu and Belcekiz were let to a private company following a tender process by the new Mugla Metropolitan Municipality.

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatchi is unhappy because the contract to run the facility has been let to a private contractor which they argue is not the best option for Oludeniz – Turkey’s tourism jewel in the crown. They say they could run the beach for the people and invest in better facilities for the future.

By Tuesday the new contractor had started moving their new equipment on to the beach and normal service was resumed.

However, the political situation had moved on and by Friday the Mayor was asking people to visit Oludeniz on Sunday to show their support that Fethiye Municipality run the beach.

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Heat Wave

Last week saw some very hot weather arrive in Fethiye. On Thursday and Friday day time temperatures hit the low 40’s in down town Fethiye.

The local press reported that people could not cope with the heat and had to head to the local beaches and water parks to cool off.

Ramadan Began

On Saturday morning the annual Ramazan fast began with the first call to prayer marking the last time to eat before sunrise.

The fast will last for 30 days when nothing must pass the lips between sun rise and sun set each day.

The first day of Ramazan will last 14 hours and 38 minutes. The last day just over 14 hours.

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Cherry Festival Celebrated

The 14th Nif Cherry Festival was celebrated last week with music, dance and an award for the best cherry grower.

Fethiye Mayor Behcet Saatchi attended the event and wished the villagers a profitable future.

Health and Safety Pays Off

Figures were released showing the number of work related injuries reported in Mugla fell from 2,500 to 580.

The authorities say that they have concentrated on a health and safety training programme for three key work areas; mining, metal work and construction.

Your Money

The British Pound bought 3.62 Turkish Lira by the close of business on Friday. The previous week it bought 3.65 Turkish Lira.