More unsettled weather is forecast over the next few days with heavy rain and thunderstorms forecast.

A mini heatwave will arrive today bringing with it hot and uncomfortable humid air.

There will also be strong gusts of hot air too.

Temperatures will hit the the low thirties today and will be some of the highest so far this year.

But that will come to an abrupt end as another storm is due to arrive.

Fethiye Weather June

Summer has been late to arrive this year and just when we thought the rains were over another band of thunder with rain and hail would bring temperatures down to the low 20’s.

It looks like that pattern will repeat itself again over the next few days with this mini heatwave giving away again to thunderstorms and hail/rain on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures will then fall to the low 20’s.

At the moment the weather forecast suggest the potential for very heavy rain on Thursday morning and maybe during the day too so be prepared.