The 7th Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival Fethiye world music concert continued last night with a more great musicians performing.

Fethiye World Music Festival

The evening may have been too damp to allow outside performance but the relocation to the Fethiye Cultural Centre created an intimate atmosphere to take in the fine music on offer.

The first band, or should we say orchestra, to feature were the six man Moroccan ensemble called Imdiazen who played their Gnawa and Moroccan mystical musics.

In Morocco, the Gnawa are considered both an ethnic group as well as a mystical Sufi order whose religious and spiritual components are often expressed through songs and dance that may draw on their ancestral memory and origins. That Sufi link helps to tie them in with the Turkish mystical culture too and the Mevlani.

The orchestra had six musicians: the ma’alem (master or lead musician) plays the guembri (three stringed lute), and other members of the group play tbel (heavy drums or ganga) and qarqaba (metallic castanets), the banjo and electric guitar.

The members of the orchestra really enjoyed their time on the stage and encouraged the crowd to clap along and even sing some of the chorus words.

The lead singer thanked the crowd for the opportunity to play and even said ‘They were lucky to be here’.

Video Clip of Moroccan Band Imdiazen playing at the 7th Fethiye Arts and Cultural Festival 9 May 2014

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