The full programme of events for the 7th festival that is taking place between the 7th and 11th May 2014 is now set and full details can be found here.

Fethiye 7th International Culture and Arts Festival Opening Program:

Wednesday 07/05/2014

10:00 Opening Ceremony – Fethiye Cultural Centre

11:25 ” Yunus Nadi ” from High School Students Interview Contest awards ceremony at Fethiye Cultural Centre

13:00 Aziz Hussein Hungarian Art Gallery exhibition opening

14:30 Aret Vartanyan interview and signing day – Fethiye Cultural Centre

16:00 Procession movement

17:30 Animation (dance) awards ceremony on the square of groups Beşkaz Square

17:45 High Schools in the best costume contest awards ceremony Beşkaz Square

18:00 The opening ceremony of the festival on the square Beşkaz Square

19:00 Fethiyespor 81 anniversary celebrations

Thursday 08.05.2014

10:00 Book Fair opening ceremony on the square of the Beşkaz Square

10:30 The opening ceremony of the exhibition Artists – Dispensary street

11:00 Nadir Ede ” A century ago , a century later, in Istanbul” exhibition of photographs in the exhibition hall Fethiye Cultural Centre

11:30 British photo exhibition in the open area of the club Fethiye Cultural Centre

12:00 Fefsad photo exhibition on the square of the members Beşkaz

12:30 Fefot photo exhibition on the square of the members Beşkaz

13:00 Fethiye Cultural Centre – eighteen short film competition and awards ceremony

Croatian Chamber of Architects representative of 16:00 photo exhibition opening in the building .

17:00 Hifzi Tpouz conference and award ceremony

18:30 ” Samples from the World Short Films and Interviews – Hilmi Baker” – at Fethiye Cultural Centre

19:00 World Music Festival opening concert Beşkaz Square

Friday 09/05/2014

10:00 literati and artists’ workshops in schools

10:00 book fair

13:00 Photo Heraklion – Fethiye Cultural Centre – award ceremony of the contest

13:30 Yusuf Governor Mustafa Izzet Karslıoğlu kindergarten and elementary school drama Gokce shows – at Fethiye Cultural Centre

15:00 Mime show Atatürk Secondary School

17:00 Republican women , ADD along with Zehra Ipsiroglu , Gülsüm Cengiz, Nurtan Sand, Zeynep Oral and Mine Willow ‘s katılımıyla the “Writing and Living Women Through the Eyes on” open session Fethiye Cultural Centre and the participating authors’ books to sign .

19:00 The second day of the World Music Festival concert

19:30 İzan Conquest ” Behind the Scenes of advertising photography , advertising photography in the photo stream on” Interview – Fethiye Cultural Centre

20:30 Alptürk “Photo exhibition” – Fethiye Cultural Centre

Saturday 10/05/2014

10:00 book fair

Artists at 11:00 with the panel Fethiye Cultural Centre

13:00 Selen , Gülsüm Cengiz, Sukru poetry workshops with students Privates presentation. in Fethiye Cultural Centre

14:00 Dispensary street – painters & live shows

17:00 ” The Letter , Seen” book signing day – in Fethiye Cultural Centre

19:00 World Music Festival concert – Bez

19:30 Nadir Ede ” world history and development of photography on” Interview – Fethiye Cultural Centre the

20:30 Haluk Uygur ” two stars took to the sea ” and ” rare flowers of the Taurus on” demonstration and interview – at Fethiye Cultural Centre

Sunday 11/05/2014

11:00 book fair

19:00 World Music Festival closing concert

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