The Turkish immigration authorities are encouraging visitors heading for Istanbul, Cappadocia, Fethiye, Marmaris, Oludeniz, Bodrum and other popular Turkish holiday resorts to purchase a new electronic visa, known as Turkish e-visa, before their visit to Turkey.

And today ‘was’ to be the big day when Turkey took away the sticker and went over to the e-visa for all tourists visiting Turkey

But the change was too much too soon for many including tour operators who thought the new rules would confuse without a further transition period. The authorities therefore compromised.

So, from today the 11th April 2014 ports of entry into Turkey including Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airports will still issue the “sticker type visa”, but the price will now be £20 instead of £10 for British passport holders.

This price increase is designed to encouraged visitors to Turkey to buy an Turkish e-visa via the official site before they fly.

Benefits of the Turkish e-visa

The new Turkish e-visa was introduced last year and has operated alongside the  sticker system.

It really is a good system. Visitors should find one less queue to tackle and a smoother passage from plane to holiday with only the immigration booth to visit.

They should also find the online approval process, helpful period of stay calculator and clear rules during the application process provides piece of mind.

Keep Safe

Once a Turkish e-Visa has been issued it must be printed out and kept safe or retained on a smart phone or tablet so it can be shown to Immigration officers on arrival in Turkey in case of problems with the computer systems.

No Visa on Arrival – No Worries?

Despite today being the big switch-over day if a vistor turns up in Turkey without a Turkish e-visa, up until the 31 December 2014, they will not be turned away as they can buy a visa on arrival albeit at a higher cost.

So how will that work?

If a visitor arrives without having purchased an e-Visa:

At Istanbul airport only there will be 3 options:

• WiFi areas to be introduced in the arrivals areas for customers to apply for e-Visa on their own smart devices such as a phone, tablet or laptop.

• Self service kiosks (similar to the self service check in machines) for customers to use to apply for the e-Visa.

• The old sticker on arrival visa counters will remain but the cost of purchasing on arrival will now be £20 payable in Sterling cash (there will be new stickers displaying the new cost).

At all other airports in Turkey including Dalaman International Airport and Bodrum Milas Airport there will be only the one option:

The old sticker on arrival visa counters will remain but the cost of purchasing on arrival will now be £20 payable in Sterling cash (there will be new stickers displaying the new cost).

The cost of the visa on arrival has been increased in order to encourage all visitors to purchase the Turkish e-Visa online before they travel in preparation for the move to e-Visa only later in the year.

Although other options are in place, all British nationals are advised to obtain a Turkish e-Visa prior to arrival in Turkey to avoid any unnecessary delays.

How to Get A Turkish Visa

Follow the guide in our article – Buying a Turkish Tourist E-Visa in 10 Easy Steps


  1. Hi, I see a lot of good advice about the new e-visas which by all accounts seems to be working well, although on a recent flight they were still telling passengers that they had to get a £10 visa arrival as before.
    My hope is for an article on the new resident’s visa requirements as there seems to be a lot of confusion on different blogs as to what is now required.
    I will be renewing mine in the near future so some positive advice would be appreciated.
    Regards Ian