You can all probably guess that the summers in Fethiye are hot and sunny with little or no rain from June to September. However, the winter is a different story and if you are planning to visit or live in the area during this time of the year you need to come prepared for the weather.

The Mediterranean winters are shorter than in UK but similar in that they can be wet and/or cold.

Due to the relative strength of the sun at this latitude sunny days can raise the day time temperature to 18 – 20 degrees and warm you nicely if you are sat out in it.

However, the nights can be as cold as the UK with temperatures dropping below zero in areas outside the town or higher up such as Ovacik or Uzumlu.

A northerly or east wind blows from time to time, especially in January/February, spreading cold air over the area making day and night time temperatures feel much colder.

Winter is the time that the Mediterranean receives its watering! There are frequent thunder storms and the rain can be very heavy at times causing localised flooding.

This rain falls as snow at higher levels and snow can be seen on the surrounding mountains from November onwards.

The wind can also gust to high speeds when storms race over the area causing damage to property, people and bring down trees and powerlines.

Big waves hit the beach at Yaniklar following a stormy winters day

Fethiye town is generally protected from the prevailing south westerly storms that can strike the area because of the surrounding mountains.

But watch out if you are on a boat because even in the bay the wind can rip over the Yarim Adi peninsula with some force putting you and your boat at risk.

Most of the time the air is very still and this along with smoke from thousands of coal and wood heaters can cause fog / smog to engulf the town especially at night. Something to be aware of if you have breathing difficulties or are sensitive to pollution.

Do not let us put you off though. The weather is better than worse for 95 percent of the time and bad weather, whilst amazingly spectacular at times, is short lived.

No SAD Here

And….when the sun does comes out you realise why you came here to live or visit….it is paradise to have that warm winter sunshine!! And with an estimated 300 sunny days a year there is plenty to smile about.

Get Out

One of the great things about Fethiye is that the high mountains behind the town get a regular fall of snow over the winter.

This has led some people to say you can ‘Ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon’.

We are not sure about the swimming – too chilly for us – but you can now ski at the small ski facility above Seki (Assuming it has now been brought back into service after the fire last year).

Snow on Cal Dag Mountain above Arpacik

If you just want to frolic in the white stuff the closest spots are on the road above Arpacik on the wonderful and scenic road that goes through Uzumlu.

What Do You Need?

So, if you plan to visit or live here in the Winter be prepared.

You will need:

  • Winter jumpers, vests, socks, boots (a must where roads aren’t made up), hat, gloves and a waterproof coat.
  • Good bedding, thick quilts, electric blanket and/or hotwater bottle etc.
  • Rugs to cover cold tiled floors and a nice warm pair of slippers.
  • Central heating or other heating so you don’t get cold at night or during overcast days. Ask other expats for their experience of what works and what does not.
  • A method other than solar to heat water on cloudy days. Install an electric shower or small water heater to conserve cash.
  • Sun block for those sunny days! The sun still has strong UV even in the winter and can burn those of us with sensitive skin.
  • Buckets to catch the drips from the inevitable leaks that appear from time to time in your accommodation.
  • A smile – to remind yourself just how much better the weather is here than in the UK!