If you like a good strong shot of coffee but don’t want to pay over the odds in Turkish supermarkets in Fethiye then read on.

Excellent beans at an excellent price

The village wing are coffee snobs. We grind our beans (stored in the freezer of course) and brew fresh coffee in a cafetiere.

We are always on the look out for sources of good strong beans, and we know there are readers who use high end coffee machines who are similarly keen to find good beans.

Well a small coffee seller on the outside of the covered vegetable market in Fethiye town centre is selling excellent espresso beans for a mere 10TL per 400gm.

That works out at 25TL per kilo which is excellent value and, we have tested the beans, they are a tasty dark roast.

The shop is on the outside of the market complex next door to an entrance to the fruit and veg. sellers.

The shop actually sells tons of Turkish coffee, but you’ll see the sign in our image on the window and so can just point – no need to speak Turkish.

And the photo is of the workers in the shop with the young girl helpfully holding a 400g packet of beans.