When we first visited Beyşehir in late 2005, the wonderful mosque was surrounded by buildings of a similar age all crying out for restoration.

Now not only has the mosque had an exterior clean, as can be seen in the image below, but also the original bedesten and hamam have been restored.

The bedesten was built as a lockable, secure trading area where gold, silver, precious stones, silk and spices would have been bought and sold.

It faces the square at right angles to the mosque and is currently used by the belediye for functions and, when we were there recently, for the girls’ koran school that happens in the regular schools’ summer holidays.

In the lead photo you can see the girls escaping for a break.

And the black umbrella to the right of the entrance is where the film crew’s make-up artist had set up her work area in a shady niche.


Around the corner to the right of the bedesten is a hamam that dates back to the 16th century and is now working again – women’s day is Saturday.

We don’t have a photo as it was working when we went to take a look.

However, from a quick peek through the door it looked lovely and, if you do go to Beyşehir and have some time to spare, you should try the hamam.

Work in Progress

Finally there is a row of about half a dozen old, stone Ottoman houses at right angles to the mosque and restoration has started on these too.

One is fully restored and looking pristine and work seems to have started on the next one.

Down at the square, the end house is in dire straits, as you can see, but we fully expect it to be restored and occupied in the new few years.

Beyşehir is definitely worth a visit to see the old, the restored and the to be restored.