In 1965 Istanbul was teeming with old American cars. But that soon changed as Turkey embarked on the production of its own cars.

The photograph was taken in 1965 in Istanbul and, as you can see, the cars are almost all old American models.

Things were just the same when I first arrived in the city in 1969.

They made excellent dolmuşes for five passengers: two in front with the driver on a comfortable bench seat, three more (or sometimes four) in the back.

Turkey had actually started production of its first indigenous car, the Anadol, in 1966 but due to production problems you rarely saw any on the roads.

However, the Anadol and its successors, did sound the death knell for Turkey’s reliance on these old US monsters.

By 1979, a mere ten years after my arrival, you really had to search to find an old US vehicle.

Now they are even rarer, and with fuel prices so high, we are not surprised.

You can still catch a glimpse of some of the old cars that used to drive around Turkey and Istanbul near to Ortaca where a car lot that specialises in such ‘antiques’ can be found.