We continue our tour around the wonderful ancient site this time visiting the terraced houses and their wonderful mosaic floors.

Continue downhill along the main street from the Temple of Domitian and you will soon come to the terraced houses on your left.

They spread up the hill away from the street and are totally enclosed in a kind of huge perspex shed.

You pay an extra 15TL to enter the houses and, as there are lots of stairs and ramps, they are not accessible for people with mobility problems.

The terraced houses have been being excavated for almost forty years and, as you can see from the photo above, not only do you get to view completed excavations but also see the archaeologists’ work in progress.

Above are thousands of tesserae (tiny tiles) that will eventually be reassembled as a wall or floor mosaic.

And here’s one they finished earlier in another house.

The houses were originally occupied by wealthy citizens or priests and are mainly one-storey, built around courtyards with fountains which acted as a water supply.

If you can’t get into the Terraced Houses don’t worry, as there is a room from one of them in the Museum in Selçuk which we’ll show you later.

Of course you don’t get to see the full range of mosaics and frescoes that are on show in the actual Houses – but it’s better than nothing.

And here is an overview of several rooms in which you can see mosaics and frescoes.

The two members of our group who actually went inside thought it was well worth the extra 15TL.