At the recent Çalış Christmas Fair we decided to focus on the craft stalls and get to meet some of the local creative people who produce such beautiful things.

And now for something completely different.

Our previous two articles on local crafts people featured beautiful work made by hand in the comfort of their own homes.

This team spend a lot of time out and about in all weathers, sourcing the materials for their creations.

The German couple Norbert and Silvia Vollus have lived in Akarca for over 14 years, and anyone who has attended a craft event cannot have missed their stone garden ornaments.

Their signature item is a bird – as can be seen in the second photo.

As this was a Christmas Fair the birds were all wearing Santa hats. Without the hats, the birds can be found in many local gardens.

Now they have also started producing pebble mosaic panels as can be seen above.

It seems apt that they doing pebble mosaic work here, as it is a traditionally Greek form of decoration which can be found in both of the surviving Kayaköy churches. Indeed the Turkish name for this craft is ‘Rodos işi’ which means ‘Rhodes work’.

Possibly the greatest concentration of pebble mosaic in any one place, can be found on the island of Rhodes in the village of Lindos, where traffic is forbidden as all the streets are pebble mosaic.

Whilst the small pebbles for the panels can be picked up on any of the local beaches, the large rocks that go into making the birds can only be found inland in dried up river beds.

So whilst our jewellery makers sit at home assembling their next creation, Norbert and Silvia are out in the wilds looking for suitable rocks.

Not to mention carrying them home once found.