At the recent Çalış Christmas Fair we decided to focus on the craft stalls and get to meet some of the local creative people who produce such beautiful things.

Many readers may recognise the couple running our next stall as Fiona and Eric Robson who have lived in Üzümlü for the past 4.5 years, were heavily involved in the long-running ‘Cement Works Protest’ a few years ago, organized many fund raising events during that period, and are still active members of the Garden Club and the Ölüdeniz Hash.

Indeed you could be forgiven for wondering how they find the time to produce such a wide range of craft items.

Fiona makes jewellery and cards, and they both produce paintings. Again everything is finished to the highest standards and beautifully displayed on the stall.

Whilst Eric doesn’t make the jewellery, he is responsible for finding the bits of driftwood and sundry branches, used to display the well-crafted items.

Fiona’s signature item is fused glass pendants which she creates from plain glass that she fuses with colour pigments (we didn’t go into the method as we probably wouldn’t have understood it).

Watch out for this stall at future craft fairs, and Fiona will be happy to tell you more about her work.

And we’ll be telling you about two other talented craft teams in future articles.