At the recent Çalış Christmas Fair we decided to focus on the craft stalls and get to meet some of the local creative people who produce such beautiful things.

We chose four stalls from the many available and here is the first one.

Julie Zercek has lived in Fethiye for 15 years with her husband Ali who runs two silver shops in Paspatur: Fantasia and Pandora’s Box.

Julie makes things with felt and sometimes even makes her own felt using a technique called ‘needle felting’.

She told us this was very time consuming and, whilst the finished felt is pure wool, it puts the price up, so she also buys in acrylic felt to create her toys and other decorative items.

Everything is beautifully finished and labelled. Julie mainly sells at Craft Fairs but, at this time of year as the festive season approaches, she also puts items in a basket outside her husband’s shop.

So if you want a unique toy as a gift for a grandchild in UK – get on down to Paspatur, invest in a padded envelope and then post it off. Or treat yourself to a couple of felt tree decorations – they are the kind of thing that stays in the family for years and gets handed on.

In the second photo you get another view of the stall crammed with lovely stuff – and clearly it is all created with love too.