Enver Yalçın, of the Yörük Museum in Kargı village, says mass tourism is missing out by not offering the traditional Turkish way of life as an attraction.

Enver Yalçın grabbed the attention of the local press last week when he attended a conference on tourism held in Fethiye and announced that there was a role for donkeys in the region’s tourism strategy.

Enver Bey not only runs the Yörük Museum, but also serves an excellent traditional Turkish breakfast from the site in Kargı just outside Fethiye, and was the brains behind the donkey wedding which was widely reported in 2010.

He believes the big tourist hotels and resorts offer little that is traditionally Turkish to their clients.

He has built up his Museum over many years and now displays over 2,500 objects once commonly used in traditional village life.

He claims 50,000 visited his Museum in 2010 and expects that figure to rise to 60,000 this year.

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