We continue our trip around the amazing Ephesus but first we must tell you a worthwhile tip.

The title may seem simplistic, but there really is a worthwhile tip in this. Ephesus is built on a hill with two entries – one at the top of the hill, the other at the bottom.

The big buses bringing tourists from cruise ships all drop their passengers at the top entrance, so they walk downhill through the ruins.

The buses then drive round to the bottom entrance and wait for their passengers to emerge.

But how can you emulate this when you are in a car and everyone is going into the site? Easy.

Park at the bottom (the car park costs 7.5TL), and then ride around to the top entrance in style in a horse drawn phaeton.

Here’s the one we travelled in and the driver charged 40TL for the four of us – and it was a good 15 minute ride.

Ephesus - horse drawn phaeton

Entry to the site is 20TL per person and it’s a pleasant downhill stroll to the bottom exit.