Baggage limitations and excess baggage charges are the bane of every flyer. But now there’s a new novel solution.

Baggage restrictions and extra charges started when the ‘low cost’ airlines first came to the market around 1995. In their attempt to take business away from the existing airlines they slashed headline fares only to add back extra costs for baggage later in the booking process.

In addition expensive excess baggage charges ranging from £6 to £10 per Kilo at check-in were also introduced catching out the unwary traveller.

But now brave passengers have an alternative to add weight thanks to a company called Rufus Roo that has come up with a novel solution.

It’s a jacket that’s a bag or is it a bag that’s a jacket?

The company would say the former and their website describes the multifaceted jacket as:

“Stylish wearable luggage ideal for Holidays and Short Breaks, great for carrying the kids stuff, Commuting to work, Shopping without bags, travelling to Music Festivals or to Sports events.

Lightweight and large sizeit comfortably fits most adults when worn over clothes and fully loaded.”

They say it can carry up to 10kg of stuff.

The jacket even includes a 20cm square clear plastic bag recycleable to carry liquids onto your flight.

Airlines will no doubt see this new £30 jacket as a threat to their revenue streams but we are unsure how they would be able to restrict passengers from wearing them (even on style grounds!).

For now the jacket offers either additional luggage capacity for passengers or an alternative for those travelling ultra light who don’t want to take a suitcase.