Bodrum was once a sleepy little fishing village 40 years ago. How things change.


Forty years ago I lived in Bodrum for eighteen months and have visited regularly ever since. As tourism developed so all the coastal towns became resorts which developed rapidly – and we all know what they are like today. However, for me, the biggest change is evident in Bodrum.

Forty years ago it was a sleepy little fishing village with a burgeoning boat building trade – large wooden yachts constructed for the rich and famous. It had two small hotels and you could also rent rooms in people’s houses.

It was dead by 11pm and there wasn’t a bar in existence – indeed I remember the opening of the first bar in 1973.

The photograph above was taken in 1964, and now hangs in the Castle.

Bodrum Harbour 2011

The photograph below was taken from the Castle battlements in summer of 2011.

The change is obvious.