During a long bus trip from Istanbul to Fethiye our reader lost their wallet. But there was a happy ending as we explain.

Here at Fethiye Times we often hear from British residents complaining about being ripped off or deceived in some way.

Hardly ever do we hear from people who have good things to say about our adoptive country.

Well this article should correct the imbalance.

The village wing went to Istanbul and on the return journey caught the Pamukkale overnight bus. The bus stopped near to Adapazarı around midnight for a meal break. She ate and drank tea and then got back on the bus.

A few hours later when the bus next stopped near Afyon she got off to drink tea, and discovered her wallet was missing. Realising she must have left it on the table at the previous stop, she got the staff at the restaurant in Afyon to phone their counterparts in Adapazarı, who initially said no wallet had been handed in.

As ever it wasn’t so much the money in the wallet but the bank cards, Turkish ID card and driver’s licence which would be such a hassle to replace.

The bus was searched and then a phone call from Adapazarı came through saying the wallet had been found.

They would give it to the driver on the next Pamukkale bus due the next night, and she could collect it from Fethiye Otogar the following morning.

Our photo shows the driver who brought it with him and handed it over.

From now on we are big fans of Pamukkale buses.