Today is Shrove Tuesday, and mixing up a batter is quick and easy.

Living in and around Fethiye, we’re all probably eating them on a regular basis, from the pancake ladies slaving over a hot sac in the markets, but if you fancy celebrating at home you’ll find that all you need is flour, eggs and milk, and some lemon and sugar to sprinkle on top.

In a bowl, sieve 110g plain flour, add a pinch of salt.

Make  a well in the centre and crack in 2 eggs.

In separate jug mix 200ml milk with 75ml water.

With a wooden spoon, start breaking the eggs up and begin to blend in the flour around the edges of the well.  As it begins to get more claggy, add the milky water to slacken.

Keep going and eventually you will end up with a smooth, lump free batter the consistency of single cream. Transfer this to a pouring jug.

Get the frying pan on the heat and melt 50g of butter in it.  As it melts, swirl it around the pan and then pour the excess into the batter and stir it in.

The first one, in my experience, is always a bit rubbish so you may as well just get it over with.

When the pan is hot, pour in a little batter and quickly swirl it around so you have a coating all over the bottom, if there is anything runny still on top pour it back into the jug.

This should all be done in a quick, fluid motion.  The swirling pan in one hand and the jug of batter in the other.

Return the pan to the heat.  After 30 seconds or so, see if you can gently shake the pancake and see it move – or try and flip the edges with a spacula to see how it’s doing underneath.

Once it’s going golden, get your spatula under it and turn it over.  The more flamboyant can have a go at tossing it over in the air at this stage.

As I say, this first one is usually a bit doughy, I think it maybe means the pan is not hot enough yet.

Don’t worry number 2 onwards will be better.

When you start getting good ones, lay each cooked one on a plate, sprinkle with sugar and a squeeze of lemon, roll up and stuff them in the mouths of the orderly queue which will be forming up…


Enjoy your pancakes!