Regular readers have no doubt been wondering what has happened to the Yanıklar storks this year.

To be frank, not a lot. They are back but still only occupying the original nest, where the young have already hatched.

The picture shows the mother, looking scruffy if you look closely, keeping an eye on the young nestled at her feet.

We do not yet know how many she has hatched, but shall find out soon and let you all know.

In due course we shall have photos of the young taking their first tentative flights.

Meanwhile what about the second nest that has been under intermittent construction for the past three years on the electricity pole?

It was literally blown away in a gale and now hangs precariously on the side of the pole.

It has not yet affected the electricity supply to the house, but it also would seem to be no longer attractive to passing storks.

So dreams of web cams on the roof recording stork hatching are as far away as ever.