If you’re stuck for something to do, you’d do worse than head for the Hayal Cinema in Fethiye and check out the latest original language offering – Sherlock Holmes.

Forget clean cut Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey Junior breathes youth and vitality into the role with eccentricity and shabby chic.

Jude Law is excellent as Dr Watson, swapping the bumbling image of side-kick for a no-hesitation, get in there and sock it to ‘em, full on partner.

The themes are dark, but there is still a lot of humour and we found the two hours shot by.  The baddie is well played by Mark Strong, and we never see the mysterious face of professor Moriarty – seductively alluding to the sequel(s).

Richie manages to weave in his love of bare knuckle fighting a la Snatch and there are some well choreographed fight scenes.

Downey also manages to capture the multi faceted nature of Holmes that we’ve come to know; sometimes vulnerable and childlike, other times self assured and fully in control.

And, even the closing credits were good! – reminiscent of The Sting.

We were a mixed age group and we all loved it, so grab it on the full screen while you can – just 7 TL before 6pm.

Next week’s showing (from 12.3.10) is the book of Eli with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.