This Thursday 19th May is Spor Bayrami and Ataturk Memorial Day.

It is a national holiday to celebrate the Turkish Republic’s youth and sports as well as the great founder and leader Ataturk.


Most government buildings, schools and banks will be closed for the day.

Keep an eye out for events in and around Fethiye including the stadium near to the Tuesday market site.



  1. Hi. I believe its Spor Bayrami Ataturk Memorial Day, on the 19th of May & yet again there is no mention of this event or any other events in or around Fethiye in your ”what on in Fethiye” section. WHY??????????????? Its only that you have made it a topic on your main page that I noticed it or else I would have missed it.”yet again”. What does it take to ask for a simple task to be achieved in updating your calendar, so that I know what’s happening in Fethiye on a particular day.

    • Hi Frank
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding out website, Fethiye times. We always appreciate people who take the trouble to get in touch with us. I can only apologise at your disappointment at not being able to find the information you were looking for in our what’s on section. This is an area of our website which we have neglected in recent times as trying to keep on top of events and change is almost a full time job in itself and recently a chap has created a fantastic resource covering this on Facebook.
      I hope this will not put you off using Fethiye times for news and information in the future, and thanks again for letting us know, I will take this section off the menu now and direct enquires onto the Facebook group as a result of your valued feed back.

      Best wishes