Aimed at younger readers, Sue Dawson suspends reality and finds that words grow on trees and that numbers come from deep underground in Norton Juster’s novel – “The Phantom Tollbooth”.

Have you ever wondered why schools make you learn such rubbish?  Some of the stuff is so WEIRD!!  Simultaneous equations – What are they all about?

“I before E except after C” – does it matter?

And what is the capital city of Peru?

A: Stroud?          B:  Lima?            C:  Vladivostock?              D:  A camel?

I suppose it could be important if you ever find yourself lost in Peru without your camel, but how often does that happen? (Please don`t write and tell me it happened to you – I won`t believe it!)

In this classic story for children, young Milo is wondering why things at school make no sense.  There is no Rhyme or Reason.  Milo is stuck in The Doldrums.

Until, one day, he mysteriously receives – wait for it – one genuine turnpike tollbooth – and for Milo, life will never be the same again.

He sets out on a magical journey, assisted by the watchdog Tok.  He has to rescue the Princesses Rhyme and Reason from the Castle of Air.  He visits Dictionopolis and grows words; goes to Digitopolis to mine numbers and many other weird and wonderful places in between.

Strange people pop up everywhere – Dodecohedron, the Great Chroma, the Mathemagician and many others.  And not all are good – there are Demons who live in Ignorance – nasty!

This is a fantastic book, which deserves to be read over and over again, and its got some great pictures as well.

And, at the end of it, Milo can build, invent, make music and use his imagination.  He sees everything very differently now – and if you read this book then so might you!

Go on – I dare you!

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